7 Supporting Characters You Should Expect To See In ‘The Flash’

Here are seven characters we expect to see in Ezra Miller's first cinematic solo outing as The Flash in the DC Extended Universe.

The Flash DC Comics

While The Flash has had small cameos in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad his major big-screen debut will be in next year’s Justice League. With word picking up that Warner Bros. is circulating around Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn and Sam Raimi to direct the movie, it’s time to start thinking about the other characters who will round the film out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Flash, but it sure would be a boring movie if he was the only person on screen the whole time. Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen needs a group of allies to comfort him when he is low just as much as he needs rivals to knock him down and make him feel weak. Barry is such a loving, compassionate person that it makes sense the people in his life would play a big role in his movie.

Find out more about seven characters you should expect to see in The Flash below.

7. James Forrest

While Barry has a lot of friends who have worked beside him at the forensic lab, James has worked at the lab the longest stretch of time.  Forrest, who was originally introduced during the New 52 reboot, is a hard-working, intelligent DNA specialist who has helped Barry crack countless cases. Despite how close the two of them are, he doesn’t know Barry’s secret, forcing Barry to constantly mislead James whenever he needs to run out and suit up as the Flash.

James works perfectly as the “every man” for the story. Above everything else, he is interested in putting in his time with the Central City Police Department so he can earn his full pension and buy the yacht he’s been day-dreaming about for years. He even has a photo of the yacht on his desk to keep him motivated throughout the day. While other people in the offices are busy playing politics and sucking up to the new boss, David Singh, James is a humble guy who is happy keeping his head down and sticking to his work.

While Barry is a comedic character in his own right, I really want James to shine as a force of humor for the movie.  Flash should be busy dealing with serious emotional conflicts, so his sense of humor should be weighted down a little bit by the stress he feels. James on the other hand, is free from the story’s stresses. He’s kind of a big guy, so I want to see him make comments about how quick Barry is when he is just walking around the office or doing routine tasks. But most importantly, I want to see his mission to buy a boat finally come true in a future movie since it gives audiences a sense of progress for regular, side characters within the DC Universe instead of only showing growth for the heroes and their allies.

6. Elongated Man

Elongated Man, a.k.a. Ralph Dibny, might not be one of the most popular members of the Justice League, but he is one of Barry’s oldest and closest friends in the superhero community. Not only can Ralph stretch his body into extreme shapes and sizes, he is an expert detective with a knack for solving crime. He even says he can smell crime, visible through the light fidgets on his nose whenever he is near trouble.

Elongated Man was originally developed by infamous DC editor-in-chief Julius Schwartz who wanted to introduce a new supporting character to the Flash world. During the 60s and early 70s, he received a backup feature in Detective Comics that showed him and his wife traveling across the U.S. in an old convertible searching for mysteries to solve. Groovy, baby!

Over time, Ralph hits it big in show business, finds and marries a loving partner and ultimately gives up his secret identity. While most couples in comics are presented with a lot of soap opera-esque drama, Ralph and Sue have always been a strong, happy team. Sue is even an honorary Justice League member even though she doesn’t have any powers just because everyone likes her so much. I’d love to see Ralph in all of the Flash movies as we watch his life slowly creep forward. While he starts out as a carefree hero, he becomes more cynical and guarded as he finds success and is forced to defend his wife from heartless villains. It’ll fall to Flash, a hero who has overcome his own share of adversity and pain, to make sure his dear friend remains positive and on a path he can be proud of.

5. Nora Allen

It’s hard to talk about Barry Allen without mentioning his mother at least once (typical Mama’s boy, am I right, ladies?). The time they spent together in Barry’s youth shaped him into the optimistic, loving person he is. On the flip side, her being murdered is the most important part of Barry’s life and compelled him to dedicate his life to helping innocent people after his father was wrongly thought of as the killer.

Nora should live primarily through flashbacks in Flash. I suppose the screenwriters could change things and keep Nora alive for some reason, but I think her strength as a character comes from Barry’s powerful memories. While Batman is constantly hurt and upset by the death of his parents, visible in the moments we see Bruce just staring at his parents pictures in the comics, Barry has moved past the pain. Sure he tries to save her and messes up the whole universe as a result in the Flashpoint storyline, but his memories of his mom make him happy, not vengeful and crazy.

In a world with cell phones and speedy cars, it’s hard to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Well, for Barry, his time with his mom and the lessons she taught him are the little things. No one has taught Barry more about life and positive actions than his mother and it’s hard to imagine what type of hero he would be if she was never in his life.

4. Solovar

I’m pretty tired of King Kong, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with gorillas on the big-screen.

One of my favorite parts of the Flash mythos is Gorilla City. After a meteor crashes above an African jungle, a population of gorillas starts to slowly mutate and become hyper-intelligent creatures. While Gorilla Grodd, an evil, dictatorial figure, is the most famous of DC’s intelligent animals, it is Solovar, a more progressive, compassionate leader that has developed a relationship with Flash. He is incredibly wise, often helping younger gorillas deal with their problems or assisting the Flash as he fights Grodd, and has psychic powers. His position as leader is respected by everyone, except Grodd, meaning he always has to be careful of Grodd trying to turn his people against him.

While he might be heroic, Solovar is no superhero. Instead, he is the leader of a utopian society who wants his society’s advances to be shared around the world. After seeing the pain and disparity of the outside world, Solovar reveals himself and Gorilla City to the world. He even asks for admittance into the UN, showing that he is dedicated to being a peaceful, contributing actor on the world stage.

His eventual assassination sets in motion a power grab in Gorilla City that turns allies against each other and sees Gorillas declare war on humans and the Justice League. War of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves is already set to direct The Batman, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to see Batman and the Flash fight an army of evil, manipulated gorillas soon if Solovar’s story is fleshed out enough.

3. Captain Cold

To be honest, I want to see a lot of the Rogues in Flash. But to be fair, Captain Cold, a.k.a. Leonard Snart, is clearly the leader and most emotionally complex of Flash’s enemies.

He has a resentful and respectful relationship with the Flash. While he and Barry Allen are rivals, he often led the Rogues to team-up with Wally West’s Flash when massive problems were present in Central City. He even enforces the Rogues policies against killing and substance abuse while treating them all like members of one big, dysfunctional family.  Don’t let him trick you into thinking he’s a good person though, since he and the rest of the Rogues also teamed up and murdered Bart Allen when he was the Flash.

Snart was raised by an abusive father. To avoid the tension, he would often spend time with his grandfather who worked in an ice truck.  After his grandfather’s death, Snart turned to petty crime in order to avoid going back to his father. The Flash busted him and the small crew he was working with and he dedicated himself to determining how to defeat or at least outsmart him. He looked inward for ideas and over time (accidentally) developed a freeze gun. With his new gear in hand he dons a parka and sets out on the streets as Captain Cold in the hopes he will get his revenge on the Flash and quickly rob enough money to live a care-free life.

2. Jay Garrick

While Barry Allen might be the main character in the upcoming movie, that doesn’t mean he is the first Flash.

Jay Garrick is one of DC’s oldest characters, a founding member of the Justice Society and is the first DC hero to be considered a “legacy character.” During the transition from the what is known as the Golden Age to the Silver Age of comics, DC introduced a bunch of new versions of older characters like Flash and Green Lantern so they would hit with the more sci-fi crazed audiences of the 50s.

Jay Garrick became the linchpin that the entire DC Multiverse was originally set on. When the two Flash came together for the first time, DC formally introduced the idea of parallel universes with alternate versions of characters living on each world. Now I don’t want the DC cinematic universe to introduce the multiverse, but that doesn’t mean Jay should be left out of all the fun. After the multiverse was (temporarily) scrapped thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC brought Jay back as a retired hero from an older generation. Now Jay and the rest of the JSA are all WWII veterans who used their powers to aid the Allied cause during the war.

While Jay might have originally inspired Barry to take up the mantle of the Flash, Barry’s drive and joy changed Jay. Barry inspired Jay to start running again, and when Jay picked up his boots other members of the JSA came out of retirement alongside him to rejoin the fight against evil. Jay is like a grandpa who can lecture you on Nazis and Japanese forces, but if he catches you falling asleep, he’ll run over, smack you and be back in his spot before you even open your eyes.

1. Iris West

Peanut butter belongs with jelly just like Iris belongs with Barry. They are one of the most iconic couples in comics and their trust and love for each other can even survive the intensity of the Speed Force.

Iris is a hardworking journalist who loves bothering her boyfriend/husband for clues from the police department. While the two of them have been together a long time, she only learns that Barry is the Flash on the night of their wedding as he talks anxiously in his sleep. Imagine if the boyfriend you always give crap to for being late to every dinner date and movie is actually The Flash? Would you leave him because he’s a liar or accept it and build a new life together? Well, Iris is a better person than you because she stayed with Barry and became the lightning rod that grounds him to the present whenever he is off traveling through time and space.

The two of them have a tragic relationship that has seen Zoom and time itself tear them apart for long, painful stretches. During extreme situations, Iris has no problem defending herself or stepping up to fight evil on her own. During the Final Crisis story line Iris joins a resistance squad that is fighting off Darkseid and his forces as he spreads the anti-life equation across the universe. While it’s unclear what stage their relationship will be in the movie, Iris is 100 percent the most important person in Barry’s life. Without Iris there is no Flash, so look to Kiesey Clemons to bring some energy and heart to the movie as Iris. ( I know it’s cheating picking someone who has already been cast, but I mean come on! She’s clearly the most important supporting character for Flash!)

Who do you guys think The Flash needs to make it a compelling movie? Ezra Miller might be entertaining, but he can’t carry the movie all by himself! Hit the comment section to talk about what you think The Flash needs to be great!