Sylvester Stallone Posts Rare Behind The Scenes Photos From ‘Rocky IV’


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Rocky, with it, Stallone has decided to go through some nostalgia by posting photos from the production of Rocky IV. For those unfamiliar of Rocky IV that particular chapter in the franchise has Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) travel to Russia to face Ivan Dragon (Dolph Lundgren) at a time period where conflicts were high between two countries.

In many ways, Rocky IV is what I think of when I picture the Rocky franchise at it came at a time where the series was at its high points. The film is probably the most dated out is the series as it really was an example of a product of the time, having tons of 80’s synth music and overall feeling like an 80’s film.

Seeing the stills reminds us how much Stallone was involved with this series even directing most of the films himself as well as starring in the main role. As the date of the 40th anniversary gets closer don’t be surprised if we get more stills and other special production photos from the other films in the near future. As for these, this is something I think fans of Rocky IV will take interest in. Check the stills here:

What do you think of these stills posted? Which film would you like to see behind the scenes photos from?

Source: Instagram

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