T.J. Miller Promises More From Weasel In ‘Deadpool 2’

Deadpool 2 WeaselOne of the funniest characters from Tim Miller’s fantastic Deadpool film was none other than Weasel. T.J. Miller, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley was the perfect choice to play Wade Wilson’s right-hand man. Their dynamic was so well-done, that we are certainly going to see more of it in Deadpool 2. 

Miller got a chance to speak with MovieWeb about Deadpool 2. Although he cannot reveal more than what we already know, he did tease that we will definitely be seeing Weasel in a more prominent role this time around.

Marvel will cut off my hand and tongue if I tell you. But…let me just tell you that the second installment will be even more weaselicious. Let me just put it that way, to quote Pauly Shore. I’m very excited about it. That starts in August and September. I’m so excited. I know it means so much to Ryan that it’s good; and for the writers, and for all of us actually. The first one did so well, people loved it so much. I think they really put the time in on the script. I’m just so excited.

So according to Miller, Deadpool 2 is going to be more Weaselicious. First of all, great term T.J.! Perhaps Leitch and company can consider “Weaselicious” to be part of the subtitle for the movie. Imagine seeing in big red letters, Deadpool 2: More Weaselicious. I can already see it now.

Deadpool 2 will be directed by David Leitch. Ryan Reynolds is set to return in the titular role he was born to play. This time around, he will also be joined by Domino (portrayed by Atlanta‘s Zazie Beets) and Cable (portrayed by Josh Brolin).

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on June 1, 2018.

Source: MovieWeb

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