‘The Dark Knight’ Has Been Voted As Twitter’s #7favfilms Favorite Movie


If you are a regular Twitter user, you have most likely seen the #7favfilms hashtag floating around the social network. Users Tweeted their seven favorite films to the rest of the world using Twitter’s available 140 character limit. Not surprisingly, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight ended up taking the top spot.

The movie didn’t just the top spot in terms of comic book movies, but also bested other non-comic powerhouses like the Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, and the Empire Strikes Back. Mashable did the work of figuring out the rankings among all movies, and it was concluded that The Dark Knight came out on top.

According to the social and digital media website Fizziology, the hashtag was used almost 100,000 times in fourteen hours since Monday. The Dark Knight was the only film to recieve more than 5,000 votes within that time frame.

Mashable made an interesting observation about the way people voted for their movies, particularly the Star Wars franchise:

“With films like Godfather, Harry Potter and Alien, people were more likely to group the films together, or not specify a certain favorite in the franchise. But with the Star Wars films, people specifically called out Empire Strikes Back.”

Now that the fourteen hour period is over, the hashtag is still trending and continuing to be shared. It looks like The Dark Knight will never leave the consciousness of movie and comic fans everywhere, even with a new Batman and Joker on the big screen.

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Source: ComicBook.com/Mashable

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Josh Behr

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