‘The Flash’: Mid-Season Finale To Reveal Alchemy’s Identity; Savitar To Be Seen Soon

In a Q&A, Greg Berlanti gave up some information of both big bads of 'The Flash' season 3, Savitar and Alchemy, and when we can expect to see them.

The Flash

The Flash is about to dive head first into the exploration of both of the show’s season 3 big bads. Although Savitar has not yet interacted with Barry, Alchemy has made his presence known as a masked mystery villain akin to Reverse-Flash and Zoom. Although the show’s second season took longer than the mid-season finale to reveal Hunter Zoloman was actually Jay Garrick who was actually Zoom, Harrison Wells was revealed as the Reverse-Flash back during the first mid-season finale, and season 3 looks to be going back to its roots.

According to a new scoop from Entertainment Weekly from EP Greg Berlanti, episodes 6, 7, and 9 will all be big for both big bads. The first, and most significant detail, is the revelation that Alchemy’s identity will in fact be revealed during the mid-season finale. Here are the exact words from Berlanti himself:

“You’ll find out who Alchemy is.”

Berlanti wasted no time getting to the point on that one. When it comes to the second big bad, Savitar, we haven’t seen much of him yet aside from a ball of light and an arm. When asked about the status of Savitar by the mid-season finale, Berlanti says that we will actually be seeing him much sooner.

“People will have seen him before the crossovers. He appears in episodes 6 and 7.”

For a show that usually relies of mystery and secrecy, Berlanti was pretty candid about the next few weeks worth of episodes. At least in terms of big bads. Many people are speculating that Julian, played by Tom Felton, is actually Alchemy. Aside from that, there surprisingly haven’t been many other popular theories cropping up online.

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The Flash airs every Tuesday at 8 pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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