‘The Flash’: 5 Things We Want To See In Second Half Of Season Two

Exactly one week from today, The Flash kicks off the second half of its ongoing season on The CW. Here are five things we want to see in it.

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Exactly one week from today, The Flash kicks off its 2nd half of its ongoing season on The CW. We already know some of the things that will be coming, like a visit to Earth-2 featuring Caitlin as Killer Frost who is together with a Ronnie that is Deathstorm, the further exploration of Wally West, Arrow’s Diggle coming to Central City to take down King Shark and Kevin Smith directing an episode that will air in May. But there is still a lot we don’t’ know about in the remaining half of Season 2. As we wait for the winter premiere airing next Tuesday, here are 5 things that we hope to see in The Flash Season 2B.

Number Five: Introduction Of Mirror Master

One of the famous The Flash villains, as well as a member of The Rogues that we haven’t seen yet is the villainous Mirror Master. The Flash show-runner Andrew Kreisberg said at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con that Mirror Master was someone that we’ll most likely see in Season 2, but so far we haven’t heard anything about Sam Scudder or Evan McCulloch (the 2nd Mirror Master). Could an announcement be coming sometime in the next month or so? Maybe and hopefully he is, particularly the Scudder incarnation. Though Cold and Heatwave will be busy being time-travelling legends on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it would be neat to not only get Mirror Master introduced, but also the proper formation of the Rogues.

It would be dope to see all of these villains finally come together and try take down the Scarlet Speedster, or at least tease it for Season 3. For that matter, I would love to see some of the previous Rogues come back that we haven’t seen in a while like Piper and Boomerang (unless Suicide Squad is preventing that from happening). It would be interesting to see how the writers would portray this particular Flash villain on the show. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Alexis Denisof get to play Scudder in live-action after he voiced him in Justice League Unlimited and Justice League Doom. But whoever David Rapaport (super-casting director of Berlanti’s DC TV shows) ends up casting for that character, it will be great either way.

Number Four: More Focus On Iris West

One of my favorite The Flash characters is Iris West (played by the incredible Candice Patton), who plays multiple major roles in The Flash mythology than just the iconic love of Barry Allen, but in the 1st half of Season 2, Iris was sadly a character who got put a lot in the background. Whenever she was onscreen, she brought something great to the table whether it was dealing with the truth about her mom (and a brother that has now entered her life) or being there for her best friend when Barry has needed some truly big support, either in the form of comfort or some serious wake-up calls. But a lot of the emotional aspects and focus for Iris has either been cut from certain episodes or just been referred to from Offscreenville as the Smallville fans used to call it. There were times when they just had her stand there in the background and watch, which are a shame and a waste of a great character. We barely got to see her time over at Picture News in the first half. Season 2 is not only about elements like Barry’s 2nd year as a superhero or Cisco exploring his Vibe-y side, but also Iris’ path to becoming the famous ace reporter that she is the mythology.

To get there and also believe she can be that phenomenal journalist, we need to get to SEE her storyline developed instead of just hearing about it; like the scene when Cold gave exposition on the amazing articles that she had written lately. It’s great to hear about her remarkable work for the paper, but I also want to see it. In many ways, Iris can act as the eyes for the audience into the world that these characters live in with all these meta-humans, talking gorillas and all of that awesome craziness. Iris’ role as a journalist could represent so much of what we don’t see of Central City and even tie-it in with the meta-humans aspect. Maybe represent those that are perhaps not evil, but are in hiding because the world has its many views now on meta-humans. She may not have powers, but a reporter can be a hero in many ways by being the voice of those that may not have one. We know that she will be spending quite a lot of time with her new brother Wally, as he adjusts to being with his father and big sister. In addition, she’ll be getting a new boss/editor at Picture News which is an indication that we’ll be seeing more focus on her journalistic work, so I feel confident that this part of my list will be done well in Season 2B.

Number Three: Jay Getting His Speed Back & Mentoring Barry

Something a lot of fans were looking forward to see in the new season was the arrival of iconic Flash character, Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-2 and Teddy Sears has, whenever he is on screen, been very solid. But out of the new characters that we saw introduced in the first half of the season, he was the one that we saw incredibly little of, which made very little sense to me as a viewer. The first episode where we really got to get to know him had a good conclusion and felt like it would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two speedsters of two worlds. Instead, he has focused more on fighting it out with Harry and eventually abandoning the team in episode 5 when he “couldn’t stand by and watch Barry be killed by Zoom”. If he really cared about Barry and didn’t want Barry to make a mistake, how did it help that he, one of the only two people on that team that knows about Zoom, just walked away?

We really didn’t get a conclusion to that issue, it was sort of swept under the rug after the crossover, but maybe they will deal with it when the show comes back. Either way, it feels like someone as big as Jay, with so much knowledge, would have been better established in the first 9 episodes, yet I feel I know very little about him. Obviously at some point, he will be getting his speed back. The only concern is that they’re saving that till the very end of the season, which is something that should be avoided – hopefully before episode 15, they’ll have given his speed back because it’s just a problem that needs to get dealt with. In addition to that, let’s start seeing Jay be a mentor to Barry, like the episode where he taught Barry to harness lightning from the running; THAT was the sort of interactions that I was expecting to see between Jay and Barry in terms of their dynamic. So hopefully we not only see him get his speed back so he can run alongside Barry (serious geek moment there), but we’ll actually see them form a real bond, like Oliver and Barry has.

Number Two: Some Heroic Meta-Humans

A few months ago, I was watching this hilarious round table interview with Jesse L. Martin (Joe West on the show) and he brought up an incredible point about meta-humans: how come so many of them that we’ve seen so far, are just baddies?! It’s not like Earth-1 AND Earth-2 can be running low on them, right? Right – other than Barry and Cisco, it feels like we’ve barely seen any good meta-humans and just evil/tragically evil ones. Ronnie is either dead or somewhere in the Multiverse, the new Firestorm is on the Waverider, I don’t really count the Hawks as meta-humans per say, but that’s a debate for a different day. While we’ve seen Wally West and Jesse Quick on the show, they aren’t speedsters (yet) so until we get there, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Barry could be surrounded by at least a few meta-humans that are allies and not just foes.

The aspect of meta-humans in the DC Universe, at least in the comics, makes it feel like it’s a big universe with variety of people with powers, but on The Flash, it feels like 85% of the time, it’s villains with powers. In addition to that, it would be neat to also get more female powered characters, both heroes and villains. Take Cyclone for example – she would be an amazing DC character to bring to life that happens to have powers. I love seeing new threats for the hero, but it’s also a bonus when you can surround that hero with a few powered allies every once in a while. It makes the world around him feel bigger and not just limited to X villains from Earth-1 and X villains from Earth-2. There are so many other good heroic meta-humans that The Flash can introduce to just expand the world upon, like Black Lightning, Bumblebee and many more.

Number One: An Epic Definitive Hint To Gorilla City For Season 3.

Let’s get real for a minute: the minute we saw Grodd land in what was revealed to be Gorilla City in Earth-2, we all went in our heads “Season 3 Arc!” Kreisberg revealed in an interview with Collider recently that not only is it very likely that we’ll be seeing more Grodd next season, but also possibly Gorilla City.

“I would liken the Gorilla City thing to Ra’s al Ghul. You know, you hear about “the man from Nanda part” in [Arrow] Season 1, and “the man who showed Malcolm the way,” and then you met Nyssa, then in Season 3 you met Ra’s. So, it’s a long-term thing.”

While it might get crazy expensive for the show to make more than just 5 episodes focusing on Gorilla City, it’s doable and something that would be quite different for any comic book TV show out there to do in terms of the type of big bad they would be using. I would personally, have two big bad for the 3rd season, one for each half, both from a financial and creative perspective. Either way, it seems like this is something that we’ll absolutely be getting next season, but what I really want of it in the ongoing season is just one final epic nod to it. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it’s done in the most geek-tastical way ever because you can’t get more comic book-y than having a super-fast hero go up against a bunch of telepathic talking gorillas. I don’t need it this season, just a great nod or Easter Egg towards it other than what we got in 2.07.

BONUS: Reverse-Flash’s Return Including [Somehow] Eddie Thawne

We know that in episode 11 “The Reverse-Flash Returns” will bring back Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash, but the biggest question is how? Didn’t Eddie die in the season-finale? Yes, but let’s remember…his body went up in the worm-hole and supposedly is now somewhere in Earth-2. What if he somehow survived or is resurrected, hence the reason Eobard is able to exist again? Whether it would be just for an episode or two, it would be sweet to see Rick Cosnett again in some capacity on the show.

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