The Identity Of Zoom Was Just Revealed On ‘The Flash’


After weeks of waiting the identity of the mysterious Zoom has been revealed. His identity isn’t the front runner of theory’s that have been circling the Internet. He isn’t Henry Allen, Barry Allen nor is he Eddie Thawne.

The last time we saw Zoom he was phasing his hand through Jay Garrick, presumably killing him and bringing him through the closing breach to Earth-2. This weeks episode dealt with the aftermath of Garrick’s “Death”. Barry basically deals with the villain of the week and at the end of the episode they flash to Zoom, zoom walks in his lair with a lifeless Garrick and removes his mask.

Zoom is none other than Teddy Sears the actor who plays Jay Garrick. I’m beggining to believe that Zoom is DC Comics “The Rival”, who happens to be Jay Garrick’s mortal enemy that also resembles him.


What did you guys think of that reveal? Did it surprise you or have you known all along? Sound off in the comments section and stay tuned to our full recap with spoilers tomorrow morning.

The Flash returns next week Tuesday at 8|7c only on the CW!



Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

Running things at HH. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @NateBrail

  • He’s Hunter Zolomon, not Jay Garrick. It really was given away to us a few weeks ago, when “Jay” took Caitlin to the park to show her Hunter Zolomon of Earth 1, who he said was his doppelganger, but adopted and renamed.

    So this is the most likely scenario:

    Jay Garrick is the man in the iron mask that Zoom is holding hostage. Hunter Zolomon is Zoom and he tricked everyone into thinking he was Jay Garrick. He allied himself with his Earth 1 doppelganger (which is the man he killed).

    I think that makes the most sense.

    • Jake Bucsko

      That’s the only thing that makes sense, really. Geoff Johns works on the show, Hunter Zolomon is not just a throw away name. And yes, agree also that the iron mask is the real Jay Garrick, who we have never met.

      • Alvamnunn2

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      • ICoNiC

        But Harrison Wells would’ve known he wasn’t the real Jay Garrick from the get-go.

    • Joseph

      This still doesn’t explain why Zoom (Hunter Zolomon from Earth-2) has the same face as the real Jay Garrick. Remember, Jay Garrick’s face is well known on E2. Wells recognized him and confirmed he was the Flash. So if you’re saying Jay is under the mask, that means Teddy Sears is playing 3 different people. And since there are only two Earths in play right now, that means twins have to be involved somehow. Is that what you’re saying?

      • it does if Zoom captured Garrick in the early going and took over his identity, THEN exposed himself as “Jay Garrick” to people like Harry Wells and whatnot.

  • H.I McDunnough

    I’m thinking that’s true…..The real Jay is in Zoom’s prison with that iron mask on. They’ve went balls-out and have succeeded in making Flash an amazing show. It’s literally DC comics come to life and I love it.

  • S.W.

    Ugh. I just wish they’d given us Zoom’s line “Well that was a complication” (or whatever the exact line was) WITHOUT Zoom taking off his mask. Then at least there’d still be some suspense. I’m hoping that, in season 3, the writers steer clear of the doppelganger/reverse speedster scenarios AND the spoiler reveals. We’ve already had that with Thawne/fake Wells — revealed only a few episodes into season 1. It just saps the enjoyment and, I feel, actually works AGAINST generating suspense.

  • Eric Opperman

    There’s something else going on for sure. I think the man in the mask is Earth 1 Jay Garrick, and I think Earth 2 Jay and Zoom are either twins or Zoom is a Jay Garrick experiment gone wrong. There’s some sort of twin-Colbalt Blue-like situation happening here. BUT WHO KNOWS