‘The Walking Dead’: Negan’s Backstory Will Be Explored On TV Show

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple recently was asked if fans will ever see Negan's backstory on the show. Here's what he had to say.

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Ever since his introduction on last season’s finale, Negan has been a fascinating character on The Walking Dead. Not only does the show finally have a compelling villain, who is really the first one who succeeds as being a true antagonist for our heroes, but he’s also a bad guy who you like and hate at the same time due to his charming personality and charisma. While on the comic book, his mouth is way fouler, but he is a great page-to-screen adaptation. This is all due to the writing of the character and the efforts of actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Right now on the show, Negan is a mystery. We really don’t know anything about his past. Recently in the comics, we have started to learn a little bit of Negan’s backstory which helped the audience gain more perspective and understanding as to how he is the way he is. With his arrival on the show, fans are wondering if we will see his backstory on the TV show. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently was asked if fans will ever see Negan’s backstory on the show.

“I do believe yes, it’s in the future. You know, I’m always careful about this, [because] things can absolutely change. There’s a loose plan in place I have.”

In the comics, there’s a mini-comic called Here’s Negan which is giving us little pieces of Negan’s backstory, and this will be revealed over the next twelve months. Gimple says that much of Negan’s backstory will probably be based on the current mini-comics.

“I take that ‘Here’s Negan’ story as the backstory. There’s some aspects of it that will probably be cool [on the show]. It’s some fairly far-flung stuff… in the future, you will see some stuff from that.”

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Source: Comicbook.com

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