‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Still Strong Following The Season 7 Premiere

'The Walking Dead' was able to maintain strong viewership numbers going into its second episode following the season 7 premier.

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The season 7 premier of The Walking Dead included the head-bash(s) heard around the world, as both Abraham and Glenn were killed off by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan in one of the most brutal ways imaginable: Lucille. The season opener was extremely dark, as it had to be to stay true to the source material, but the season’s second episode “The Well” took a more lighthearted shift in tone, causing many to predict a sharp drop off in viewership following the premier.

Many were understandably worried that the viewership from The Walking Dead‘s premier would decline significantly after the first episode, but it appears that the show’s numbers are still up and holding strong. Sunday night also saw some stiff competition for viewers from some major sporting events, as the Dallas Cowboys took on the Philadelphia Eagles and this year’s World Series continued on. Despite the competition, The Walking Dead still maintained its viewership.

Sunday night’s episode brought in 12.5 million viewers, with 7.8 mil in their key demographic of adults 18-49 years of age. The season premier brought in 17 mil viewers with 8.7 mil in their key demographic, so there was a drop of 4.5 mil viewers between the first two episodes, but it was not nearly the drop many were predicting.

Keep in mind it was playing at the same time as the World Series, which took the top spot for their key demographic, bringing in 6.7 mil. At the end of the day, The Walking Dead did impressively well for what it was up against.

Are you happy to hear that The Walking Dead is still doing well in the ratings, and will it keep its numbers up? Let us know what you think, below in the comments.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night on AMC.

Source: Deadline

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