Theaters Seek Financial Aid From Congress Amid Coronavirus Closings

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Movie theater owners are asking for financial aid from Congress as the coronavirus shuts down theaters and puts many out of work.

The coronavirus has affected the film industry in ways that many did not expect. The productions for many film and television shows have been shut down. Several celebrities have tested positive for the virus and remain in isolation because of it. Perhaps most shockingly, however, was that many movie theaters have closed their doors, putting many out of work. Now theater owners are seeking aid from Congress to relieve the financial burden of the closings.

The owners are seeking loans from Congress which will allow them to help their employees and recoup their losses caused by the coronavirus. In a statement, the National Association of Theater Owners called upon Congress for aid in this unique time:

“The business model of the movie theater industry is uniquely vulnerable in the present crisis. As we confront this evolving and unprecedented period, we call on Congress and the Administration to ensure that America’s movie theater industry and its tens of thousands of employees across the country can remain resilient.”

The White House is currently proposing a massive $1 trillion stimulus package that would, in theory, be sent to many Americans and offering longs to industries such as airlines, hotels, and theme parks. Congress is currently considering the National Association of Theater Owners’ request but there is no indication if they will help the movie theater industry nor if the proposed stimulus package would be used to help them.

What do you all make of this latest coronavirus development? Should movie theaters be entitled to government aid due to the coronavirus? Should aid for such a thing be spent elsewhere? What do you all think of the proposed stimulus package? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Deadline

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