6 Things We Learned In The New ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Teaser

Here are the six things we learned from the new teaser for James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 James Gunn

Today we got a new glimpse into James Gun’s sequel to his 2014 Marvel Studios hit Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. We had already gotten one teaser with the briefest of footage, but it really wasn’t much. So this new stuff is ever appreciated.

And while it still wasn’t a full-on trailer, man, it had some pretty cool stuff in it. This was a proper teaser. I know you are excited. Because I’m excited. It’s only five months away, which may feel like five months too long to wait, but really, it’s getting pretty close. It’s coming, so let us be patient and be happy with what we have for now. Which is this. So let’s talk about it.

Here are the six things we learned from the new Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser. Showtime, a-holes.

1.  There Will Be A Giant Space-Squid Monster

What an intro. Right off the bat, we see our favorite space protectors squaring off against a…giant alien-squid? It is unclear the exact nature of this creature, but suffice it to say this looks like a whole lot of fun. Star-Lord is having a go at it, Gamora does the whole dramatic-run-up-attack with her knives, and it looks like Drax is clawing away at it at some point, too. Now, Marvel is smart about not giving away too much in it’s promotional material, so I doubt this guy is a major player. I would say this battle is definitely in the first act of the film, maybe the introduction itself, as a way to remind us what these guys are dealing with on a regular basis.

2.  Groot Still Has Some Growing Up To Do

Just look at this guy! He is adorable. Baby Groot is adorable. But also, still very much a baby. Obviously, he has not grown much physically since we last saw him, but it’s more than that: he is still evidently lacking at this point in time adequate cognitive skills. Rocket clearly explains to him one thing: don’t press the atomic bomb-buttom. DON’T press it. Baby Groot is finding it a bit difficult to understand this. Which is all very forgivable, because just look at his face! It’s okay Baby Groot, we can’t get mad at you. But, don’t blow up your friends? Whatever, your call.

3. BUT, Baby Groot Is Still Not To Be Trifled With

Baby Groot may still be learning on the job, but that doesn’t mean he won’t kick your ass. In the new teaser, there is a specific part where a terrified assailant is sprinting away from an angry Baby Groot. And rightfully so, as Baby Groot proceeds to grab him in a Groot-arm-extension and smash him around. Baby Groot may still be a baby, but he is also still Groot, and he will remind you of that.

4. Nobody Has Tape

Apparently, this is a pretty big deal in this movie: there is a shortage of pertinent everyday tools in deep-space travel. Specifically, tape. There is a full conversation between Star-Lord and Rocket about this (right in the middle of what looks to be a very important and chaotic battle, no less). Nobody has tape, and they really need tape. Which, I’ll admit, I don’t quite understand. How exactly is tape going to prevent Baby Groot from pressing the doom button? Am I just really dumb? The answer, of course, is yes.

5.  Star-Lord & Gamora’s Relationship Will Be Explored Further

This was a fun one. The Guardians are sitting in a circle in what seems to be some type of group therapy thing with a lady who, when she touches you, can feel your feelings. Hmm. She touches Star-Lord and reveals feelings of intimacy he has towards Gamora. Which isn’t surprising, no, but interesting. Their potential romance was teased during the first film, but not explored in any real depth. I guess we will be getting a little more of that in the sequel.

6.  There Is Going To Be Some Serious Intergalactic Warfare

I mean, it would seem obvious that a movie about a group of bandits/heroes parading space as righteous defenders of the cosmos would feature some space battles, but damn. This teaser really teased some epic, all-out warfare that looks incredible. I’m talking, like, nine different races fighting over the span of ten different planets type of intergalactic warfare. Ships and lasers and space creatures and aliens and guns and more lasers. This looks insane. Can it be May already?

Feel free to let us know what you thought about the new Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser trailer in the comments section below, and don’t try to contain your excitement.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5, 2017.

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