‘Doctor Strange’: This Actor Almost Voiced Dormammu

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Doctor Strange almost had someone else be the voice of Dormammu instead of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Tony Todd, the actor who most recently provided his voice talents to Zoom from The Flash‘s second season was in line to voice the sentient and powerful being in Doctor Strange.

Todd went in for some sessions and was all set to go. But what happened? In an interview, the actor revealed the process and the final result that led back to Cumberbatch voicing the Doctor Strange character.

“I almost did Doctor Strange. I went in to do a session to play Dormammu. Benedict [Cumberbatch] had already recorded it but the producers wanted another voice just as an alternative. We did a six-hour session and then two weeks before the movie came out they let me know that they went back to the original choice.”

Although Cumberbatch did a good job with the character, Tony Todd’s voice is strong and, like with Zoom, proven to be scary when need be.

It’s the nature of the business unfortunately that, even in the final stages of securing a role, the producers and studios can change their minds about casting and since Benedict Cumberbatch was their original choice for the Doctor Strange villain, that’s what happened here.

I think Todd would have still made a strong choice. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Comic Book Resources

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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