‘Titans’ Star Curran Walters On Changing From Robin To Red Hood

Red Hood will be different from Robin in a few ways!

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Titans star Curran Walters has spoken about transforming into Red Hood after playing the Jason Todd version of Robin.

The first trailer for the third season of Titans revealed that Curran Walters’ Robin was killed by the Joker with a crowbar and that Red Hood would be one of the season’s main antagonists. In the third episode, it was revealed that this Red Hood figure was, in fact, Curran Walters’ Jason Todd who had gone full antihero. The first few episodes take their inspiration from the Batman comics Batman: Death in the Family where Jason Todd was killed by The Joker and Batman: Under The Hood where Red Hood made his debut.

In a recent interview with Collider, Walters talked at length about the differences between his role as Robin and that of Red Hood in Titans, noting that the physical training was a lot different:

“We had some tremendous differences, actually. We kept the … we did a lot of combat training as well as boxing and all the martial arts stuff still, but as far as the main difference between Red Hood and Robin was that we brought in some military people who actually helped us do some gun training. So, we had a lot of tactical people come in and help on movements and all that good stuff.”

The most challenging part of it all, he revealed, was the emotional journey that he had to take the Titans character through:

“Anytime that you get to a switch like that in such a quick time, you see, it’s definitely a challenge. And it’s… we did a lot of flashbacks and stuff, so it was a lot of finding out what works. What he’s like on the tear gas, what he’s like not on the tear gas, what he’s like when he’s withdrawing. So, yeah, the emotional journey throughout the whole season is pretty intense.”

Here is the official synopsis for Titans season three:

“Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. In season three, circumstances draw our heroes to Gotham City, where they will reunite with old friends and face new threats.”

Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Nightwing, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Minka Kelly as Dove, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, Joshua Orpin as Superboy, Chelsea Zhang as Rose, Curran Walters as Red Hood, and Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne.

The first three episodes of Titans third season are now out on HBO Max. Stay tuned for all the latest news on the show’s third season and be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original video content.

Source: Collider

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