Fans Think Teenage Superman From ‘Man of Steel’ Is Training For Superboy In ‘Titans’

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Here’s a blast from the Superman past. Apparently some fans are connecting A to B and believe that Man of Steel actor Dylan Sprayberry is gearing up to play Superboy on the Titans series.

To refresh your memory, Sprayberry played the young Clark Kent who, in Man of Steel, saved the school bus full of kids when the bus plunged into the water. Sprayberry himself right now is 20 years old, which would just enough of a young adult age to portray the character of Conner Kent/Superboy. After all, Brenton Thwaites, who plays Robin on Titans, is 29, so it could work. But how did this theory start? Well, it starts over on Reddit, where one fan in the Titans Subreddit shared a video of Sprayberry training at a gym. Here’s the Reddit post:

Hmmm from TitansTV

Furthermore, Sprayberry has been a popular fancast for the role of Superboy. While there’s nothing connecting the Man of Steel actor to the world of Titans just yet, such fan speculation is enough to get many thinking. After all, we’ve got Krypto on Titans. And the third season of Young Justice, which features Superboy in a main role, is about to hit the DC Universe streaming service soon. As Jeph Loeb would say, “It’s all connected.” Here’s the video of Sprayberry training that has fans speculating:

Again, it’s all speculation. This could just be Sprayberry training to bulk up a bit, but not necessarily for an upcoming role. It would be a nice way to bring things full circle with Sprayberry having already dipped into the DC Universe prior with Man of Steel. But what do you think, though? Is there any connective tissue here? Do you think that Sprayberry is gearing up for a role of Superboy on Titans? And if so, do you think he’s right for the role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Titans is available now on the DC Universe streaming service. Man of Steel is available on Digital HD, 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

Source: Instagram (via Reddit)

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