New ‘Titans’ Promo Video Shows Dick Grayson & Jason Todd In Action

Titans DC Jason Todd Dick Grayson

The DC Universe Streaming Service has arrived, and with that will soon come the first original series for the service, the aptly named Titans. And with this being Batman Day, what better way to showcase Batman Day with…well, not necessarily the Dark Knight himself, but two of his young wards, with the following video showcasing a pair of Robins- Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

As you know by now, when the Titans series starts, many of these heroes will already be established, with Brendan Thwaite’s Dick Grayson already established as having left Batman behind. Given that Jason Todd is himself also a Robin, it’s not out of the question that the two can coexist, but at the same time, it has been stated before that while Dick’s wounds from working with Batman are still fresh, the series will set him on the path to becoming Nightwing.

In honor of Batman Day, the only way this could be any be better is if Bruce himself popped in to aid his young wards, but…well, you heard what Dick said in regards to Batman in the first Titans trailer. No need to go over that again.

In the video itself, we see a suited up Jason Todd awkwardly introduce himself to Dick, whom he calls “Bro,” as the new Robin. Jason Todd is ecstatic to be kicking butt, being famous, and, above all else, driving the Batmobile…apparently Bruce never let Dick do that, as Dick looks genuinely surprised- maybe even a bit hurt- that Jason gets to drive the Batmobile.

But have a look when Jason met Dick in the Titans video below.

What do you think of seeing Dick and Jason in action in Titans? And what are you looking forward to the most in Titans? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Titans updates. Happy Batman Day!

Titans will debut on the DC Universe service on October 12, 2018.

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