DEBUNKED: Todd Lasance Of ‘Vampire Diaries’ Confirmed As Savitar In ‘The Flash’ Season Three

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UPDATE: The Flash producer Greg Berlanti has refuted The Hollywood Reporter’s claims that Todd Lasance has been confirmed as Savitar. According to Berlanti’s Twitter, Savitar has not been cast yet. See the Tweet below:

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It has been recently reported that The Flash‘s third season will for the first time involve two different big-bads, one of which being a speedster named after a Hindu God (Savitar) and the second, Barry’s first non-speedster large scale nemesis (Dr. Alchemy). After initially being spotted on set numerous times, The Hollywood Reporter is now confirming that actor Todd Lasance of Vampire Diaries has been cast as one half of the dual threats, Savitar.

Savitar debuted in 1995 in The Flash (Vol. 2) #108 and his comic backstory can be described as a Cold War-era pilot from a third-world nation whose plane was struck by lightning, giving him super-speed and a strong connection to the Speed Force. Naming himself after Savitr, the Hindu god of motion, the character studied elements of the Speed Force that were unknown to other speedsters at the time, eventually forming his own cult. Savitar developed the ability to create a force field, regenerate and transfer speed to other objects and people.

Savitar will be the third major speedstar villain that Barry will have to face off against. Savitar led a cult in the comics, so there is a good chance they will delve into that aspect of the characters history on the show. It will be interesting to see what type of dual threat Savitar and Dr. Alchemy pose together, or if they will even be working with each other. Either way, the pair of villains is unlike anything Barry has ever faced before.

Lasance is best known for his work on the Vampire Diaries, but also made appearances in Spartacus: World of the Damned, Crownies, and Home and Away.

The Flash speeds back to television on Tuesday, October 4 at 8pm ET on the CW.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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