Todd McFarlane Blames ‘Spawn’ Movie Delays On Creative Differences

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It looks like we may have to wait a little bit longer for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn film as the director and comic book creator cites creative differences on the film’s constant delays.

While speaking to a crowd at SDCC, Todd McFarlane blamed the Spawn delays on money problems and creative differences with potential financiers.  He stated that he wanted to get the movie made as soon as possible but getting people to agree to its budget with an R rating has been an uphill battle:

“Lemme see if I can just go real quick: Spawn movie, right? When are you going to make a Spawn movie, when are you going into production? My answer is ‘Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday.’ …. I need $20 million to make this movie, I don’t have all of it. I have to ask people for money, and once you ask people for money, they get to have a say in it. Like I said, it’s a little bit of an uphill battle, because again, I just want to do this little dark ‘R’ movie, and they like those PG-13 success movies.”

This, unfortunately, contradicts something Todd McFarlane said earlier this year and cites more serious money issues then he initially let on. While speaking to, Todd McFarlane talked a bit about the film’s delays. Originally Todd McFarlane stated that this was due to disagreements with producers at Blumhouse Productions over the script but also said that the money for the film was good to go. But from the sound of things, there may be some very serious money issues with the Spawn film behind the scenes.

What do you all make of this news? Are you sad to hear that the Spawn film is having some behind the scenes drama? Do you think Todd McFarlane’s version of the film will ever be made? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot does not currently have a release date. Avengers star Jeremy Renner has will reportedly play Twitch with Jamie Fox to play Spawn. Todd McFarlane is set to write and direct the film with Bloomhouse Productions backing the picture.


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