Todd McFarlane Not Ruling Out Streaming Platform For ‘Spawn’ Film

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For so long we’ve heard that Todd McFarlane is set to helm a Spawn film. We’ve gotten casting from Jamie Foxx to Jeremy Renner. And while production was recently pushed back, McFarlane is still full speed ahead with the project. But more than that, he’s not ruling out exactly where the film will land, whether in theaters or in the comfort of one’s own home on a streaming service. The entertainment industry is changing. Netflix has everyone on their toes. Since then we’ve got Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, DC Universe, and then Disney wants in on the game as well.

While movie theaters probably aren’t going anyway anytime soon, streaming will soon be king, if not already. So the idea of having a big budget project or ongoing series appear on a streaming service instead of on network television or on movie screens doesn’t sound too far-fetched anymore. And Todd McFarlane knows this, as he said in a recent interview with that he’s definitely considering a streaming service as the home for the Spawn film:

“I think the world’s changing in front of our very eyes in how we’re going to consume not only entertainment, but even movies. There might be a day when you hit a button and Star Wars is on your computer and you won’t have to go to the theatre. I want human beings to see it. Whatever that device is, whatever that delivery mechanism is, I’m not going to get married to a distribution model that may not be as relevant or as efficient because that’s how you used to do it. I’ll talk to all of them”

In the era of smartphones and the age where everyone needs, wants, and downright craves instantaneous information and entertainment, not to mention ruling out unruly moviegoers when you see a movie in a theater, the world is indeed changing in how we consume information and how we want to enjoy our viewing experiences. Films like Mudbound or The Cloverfield Paradox, just to name two, could play well in theaters, but why not just cut out the middle man and enjoy it through a service like Netflix while at home? Such could be the case for Spawn.

Ultimately, though, it’s merely a consideration, not an outright commitment from Todd McFarlane, so while he’s considering it, the Spawn film could indeed still land in movie theaters. What do you think, though? Would you watch a Spawn film in movie theaters or would you be fine enjoying it from the comfort of your own home on a streaming platform? Let us know in the comments below.

The Spawn film is to be directed and written by Todd McFarlane. Production is set to begin at some point next year.


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