Tom Cavanagh; “Grant Gustin Deserves To Be In ‘The Flash’ Film”


It’s no secret that fans of The CW’s The Flash were very upset when the casting new for The Flash movie was announced. Ezra Miller was cast in the upcoming Flash movie within the DCEU but many wanted to see Grant Gustin take on the iconic role. Flash co-star Tom Cavanagh is amongst those that wanted to see Gustin on the big screen.

During an interview with The Nerdist, Cavanagh explained that Gustin could have played anything that Zack Snyder would have wanted within Justice League.

“It was either Variety or Vanity Fair that wrote an article that said [DC] needs to watch what they’re doing on TV, because the TV’s working and some of the other darker stuff isn’t working

Here’s what I’ll say about him not being The Flash. The first thing is that for Zack Snyder to say ‘that’s not really the universe that we’re building,’ it’s excruciating for an actor. Because you’re like, ‘Uh, what about acting?’ He’s a clean-cut guy and winning, yes, because he’s acting that. He’s not Barry Allen. He’s Grant Gustin. He created that thing. If you want [your Flash] to have long hair and be a slacker, believe me, Grant can play that. He makes it look easy and makes everything think that’s what he is because he’s an incredibly skilled talent. That’s why he has that job. That’s why people like the show.

If Zack Snyder were to read him for [The Flash], he would be shocked. It’s crazy for a big-time Hollywood director to say ‘that’s not the universe.’ It’s a huge misstep on his part. If you’re a director, and you’re worth your oats, then you should be able to, given an actor with talent, mold him into what you want, and Grant could do that.”

When the news was originally announced, Cavanagh also commented on the Puck Soup podcast.

“The second thing is that the movies are tremendous. They’re building all of us up. The difficult thing for the movies is that we’ve had two years in the case of The Flash to win you over and tell a story. They have two hours. That’s not easy to do. So that’s why you see so many missteps. It’s very hard to get that right. And I said to Grant when this was announced: ‘Look, that’s years from now. Do you just want to just be The Flash? You have the ability to be in a Spielberg war movie next.’ And that will happen for him.

For his first big movie role to be The Flash, I don’t know if that’s the best thing for him. because you’re asking him to do the same thing he’s had years to do, to do the exact same thing in two hours, and it’s in different hands creatively. It’s tricky.”

Source: Nerdist 

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • LupeX

    I dont think Snyder was saying that Grant Gustin cannot act well enough to fit the mold of the DCEU style. He was saying that his style of Flash does not fit the cinematic universe.
    I think theyre reading too much into it, but it’s good to use even the slightest thing as motivation.
    The TV Flash is great, the cinematic Flash would be great and it “might” be cool if they do a cameo for Grant Gustin. TBH Id be against that. Silver screen films do not mix with TV productions, it just waters down the event film status to the level low budget weekly fan fare.

    • Jewie

      But that’s what he’s trying to say. Gustin doesn’t have to play the same version of the Flash in the movie that he does in the show. They can take place on different Earths that the show has already set up. Who’s to say one of them can’t be Snyder’s universe with a “darker” Barry?

      • w0undedmagic

        Yea, and while they’re at it-I want a “darker” Felicity to help STAR labs with some hacking. I’d really like the actress who played Peek-a-Boo on the show to return in a “darker, grittier” movie version. Hey, gotta bring all that continuity! LOL BARF

  • Jake Bucsko

    I’m glad Gustin isn’t in the films. We get him for 22-25 hours of television every year, instead of 2 hours every couple years. He doesn’t need to be in a movie to validate his take on the character.

    • Thaddeus VonPumpernickel

      But the movie might need him in it to validate it, if that makes any sense.

  • DoYouFeelInCharge?

    I like Tom, but the TV and movie universes don’t mesh well at all, and for them to be connected they would have to have planned it all before Arrow even debuted on TV. Marvel is even straying away from the “every things connected stuff” with their Netflix shows, tonally they feel completely different, and outside of a few vague references to the MCU there’s no real connection.

    • GRKDC

      Exactly! S.H.I.E.L.D started off strong with being connected but now all they do is really small references here and there. Even Chloe Bennet said Marvel doesn’t care about the tv show to try to connect it.

      As for the DC universe with the TV and Film side. The only way I can see those two world meshing is if somehow Barry Allen from the movies went to an alternate universe and the TV universe was that universe…that would be pretty cool if they somehow made a cameo like that.

      • Vegas82

        Don’t worry, it looks like Marvel is slowly working its way toward being a Netflix only kinda deal. Doesn’t bother me if we’re going to get Punisher and Blade in addition to the Defenders though.

    • Jewie

      But the show has already set up a way they can be connected and feel completely different with the introduction of the multi-verse. We’ve already seen Gustin play a different version of Barry Allen and he could’ve played a “darker” more Snyder-friendly version for the movie without any crossover needed.

      • Vegas82

        Or they could still use him and just have multiple Flashes from multiple Universes teaming up in the movie.

        • Tinajwest3

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  • Chris W

    Should totally preface the quote with “Tom whispered:”

  • Manny Bothans

    I still don’t know how DC/WB are expecting people to go out and pay for a Flash movie when you can see the character every week for free.
    And it’s a good show! The effects are more than acceptable. I don’t know how much better you need to portray a guy with super speed.

  • Jax Maxton

    “If you’re a director, and you’re worth your oats, then you should be able to, given an actor with talent, mold him into what you want, and Grant could do that.”

    I love this slam against Snyder!

  • flavortang

    No, because if Gustin played the Flash then EVERYONE from the show would have to be in the movie and then the writers/director would be beholden to everything created by the showrunners and limited in that way. All of the stories from the TV show would then be canon in the films and that just messes everything up. It just cannot be.

    The films should be the films and the TV stuff should stay on TV. I like both, by the way.

  • w0undedmagic

    Boy, Yogi Bear’s Tom Cavanagh sure has some opinions.

    I love the Flash on CW-but seriously, WHY IS THIS STILL A TOPIC OF DISCUSSION? Ezra Miller was cast OVER TWO YEARS AGO. Do people not understand? Can they not accept reality? Can they not see how jaded they are- having TWO flashes, a TV show AND a movie franchise. A DC cinematic universe AND a television universe is a bad thing?
    Can we all take a minute to imagine how stupid Cisco would look standing next to Affleck in the batcave?
    How about Felicity trading witty banter with Jeremy Irons’ Alfred?
    LOL or how utterly ridiculous Routh’s Atom would look fighting along side Cavill’s Superman. (meta!)
    Oh yea, I want to see Laurel’s Canary Cry while helping Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

    This is what you’re asking for.

    Not only is it stupid, it’s legitimately NOT HAPPENING.
    Sorry, Tom.
    Sorry, Kevin Smith.
    Sorry, ungrateful fans.

  • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

    Dccu in shambles dccu tv verse is actually better then dccu movie verse. Even though their shows sucks. False is one of the best cb shows on tv.