Tom Cruise Gets Behind A Helicopter To Prep For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

It looks like Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell is going to fly again, but not quite in the same way that he did back in 1986. Some photos of Tom Cruise preparing for his return to the character in Top Gun: Maverick suggest that he’ll be spending part of the movie behind the controls of a helicopter instead of a jet.

Daily Mail has obtained pictures of Tom Cruise on a field with a training partner as he got into the cockpit of a helicopter ready to take off. Cruise was seen wearing a pair of aviators, which are a major part of his Top Gun character’s look, so perhaps he chose to put them on to get back into the swing of getting off the ground.

Filming on the movie is rumored to begin near the end of the year. The story is kept under wraps, but is believed to be about Tom Cruise’s Maverick serving as a flight instructor for a new generations of pilots in an era where drone warfare is becoming increasingly prominent.

Top Gun: Maverick does not currently have a release date, but is slated to arrive sometime in 2019. Tom Cruise is slated to star, while Joseph Kosinski is in discussions to direct the movie.

Source: Daily Mail