Tom Hanks In Talks To Play Geppetto In Disney’s Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’

Tom Hanks is once again in talks for the puppet's father!

Disney Pinocchio Tom Hanks Gepetto

Toy Story star Tom Hanks is once again in early talks to play Geppetto in Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Pinocchio.

Disney’s live-action adaptations of its classic properties have proven to be massive money makers for the company. Despite mixed reviews, both Aladdin and The Lion King went on to gross over $1B worldwide last year with many of its predecessors like Beauty and the Beast doing the same and The Jungle Book just falling short of that marker. Now Disney is adding a live-action adaptation of Pinocchio to its library with some major star power to it.

Last year we learned that Back To The Future director Robert Zemeckis was in talks to direct Disney’s upcoming live-action version of Pinocchio. The director is now co-writing the script with Chris Weitz. Tom Hanks had previously been in talks to play Pinocchio’s father, Geppetto when another director was attached to the project but now the talks have started again with the Robert Zemeckis after the star saw the script. The two had previously worked together in films like Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and The Polar Express. But now the two may just be adding a beloved Disney property to their collaboration list although Tom Hanks is said to still be in early talks for the upcoming film.

What do you all make of this news? Would you like to see Tom Hanks play Geppetto in Disney’s live-action version of Pinocchio? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Disney’s original animated version of Pinocchio was released on February 23rd, 1940, and was based on a children’s book of the same name by Carlo Collodi. The story followed a wooden puppet who came to life following a wish by his creator, Geppetto, and his various adventures in his quest to become a real boy. It is currently unknown how much of the film will follow the previous adaptation.

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Source: Deadline

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