Tom Welling May Have Just Confirmed His Return As Superman For ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’

Tom Welling Superman Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse Smallville

Smallville alum Tom Welling may have just confirmed his return as Superman for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The CW’s adaptation of the 1985 DC Comics storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths is set to unite the heroes of the Arrowverse shows to thwart the Anti-Monitor’s efforts the destroy the Multiverse. Now, Smallville star Tom Welling has seemingly confirmed that he will reprise his role as Superman for the Arrowverse crossover event.

Earlier this week, Tom Welling took to Instagram to share a video from the set of one of his upcoming projects. In the comments, a fan mentioned that he hopes to see the former Superman actor in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Tom Welling responded to the comment by simple saying “duh!!!” However, The CW has yet to officially confirm if Tom Welling will actually return as Superman for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Tom Welling Superman Crisis on Infinite Earths

Fans aren’t the only ones who want to see Tom Welling return as Superman for Crisis on Infinite EarthsArrow star Stephen Amell recently revealed he wants to see Tom Welling reprise his role as the Last Son of Krypton for the crossover event. Crisis on Infinite Earths is confirmed to feature at least two Superman actors with Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh.

Tom Welling is best known for his work as a young Clark Kent in The CW’s Smallville. For ten years, Tom Welling portrayed Kal-El before his time as Superman on Smallville. Now, eights years after the series finale of Smallville, it seems like if there was ever a chance to see Tom Welling suit back up as Superman, it would be for the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event on The CW.

Crisis on Infinite Earths has been teased since the very first episode of Grant Gustin’s The Flash, where a newspaper headline from the year 2024 revealed that Barry Allen’s fate was to disappear during a “crisis.” However, the fifth season finale of The Flash accelerated this when the original newspaper headline changed the date of the event from 2024 to 2019. To add to this, the seventh season finale of Arrow set up Oliver Queen’s role in the next crossover by having him join the Monitor on a mission to warn other worlds of the crisis, as part of the arrangement Oliver made in order to save the lives of both The Flash and Supergirl.

Crisis On Infinite Earths will span two quarters and consist of ArrowThe FlashSupergirlLegends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. The Arrowverse crossover will launch with three episodes in December before concluding with two additional episodes in January. Stay tuned for more updates Arrowverse crossover event!

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