Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum Working On ‘Smallville’ Animated Series

Very exciting times in Smallville.

Smallville Tom Welling Michael Rosenbaum

Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum are currently working on an animated Smallville sequel.

One of DC’s most successful live-action projects, Smallville detailed the origins of Clark Kent and his friends. Airing for over a decade to mostly positive reviews from fans and critics, the series ended with Tom Welling’s Kent finally assuming the role of Superman. As the series’ popularity has only grown since its finale, many have been hoping to see Welling and Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum return to the franchise, either in a sequel series or movie. Welling did return to the role in an extended cameo for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, giving his Superman a conclusive ending. However, Welling may be donning the Kryptonian suit once again for an animated Smallville sequel series that he’s been working on with Rosenbaum.

Tom Welling dropped the news in a fan-requested Cameo, stating that he and Michael Rosenbaum are working on an animated Smallville sequel and that they are trying to get as many of the original cast members back to reprise their roles. No official announcement has been made, though that will likely happen soon considering Welling just spilled major beans. As for where the series will air, it’s likely that it will be one of many DC projects exclusive to HBO Max.

“Michael Rosenbaum and I are actually working on an animated series to bring those characters back to life, and use as many of the original cast members as possible. Don’t tell anybody, though. It’s a secret, we’re still working on it.”

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Here is the synopsis for the Superman prequel:

This modern retelling of the Superman mythology as an action series blends realism, adventure and emotion. Years ago, a meteor shower rained destruction on an unsuspecting Smallville, Kansas. From this tragedy grew Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who, as he learns to deal with his emerging superpowers, becomes closer to the hero of legend.

Smallville starred Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Eric Johnson, Sam Jones III, Allison Mack, Annette O’Toole, John Schneider, John Glover, Jensen Ackles, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort, Cassidy Freeman, Sam Witwer, Justin Hartley, and Callum Blue.

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