Top 10 John Williams Scores: ‘Indiana Jones’ & ‘Superman’


John Williams is one of the hardest working individuals in Hollywood. Williams a brilliant masterminds behind legendary movie scores, that now live on in cinema history.

While Williams has already become a part of Hollywood history, he keep busy, working with long-time collaborator and friend Steven Spielberg. Williams will be returning to score Indiana Jones 5. Williams is the mastermind behind the Indiana Jones theme song, which has become a staple within classic movie scores.

Williams return was confirmed at the American Film Tribute by none other than Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is also returning to the now infamous franchise along side Harrison Ford. Spielberg and Williams have been working together for more than 40 years.

In addition to working on Indiana Jones, Williams also looks like he will be returning to another incredibly popular franchise, Star Wars. He confirmed to Variety that if his schedule allows he would be happy to work on the score for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII.

In honor of his recent AFI Life Achievement Award, Heroic Hollywood’s own, Chelsea Lewis, is counting down the top ten most infamous scores from Williams. Comment below and let us know if you agree with your list!


Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis, TV division, joined Heroic Hollywood in 2016. Prior to joining the team at Heroic, she worked for covering everything from music to...

  • It is logical

    “Infamous”?? You do know what that word means, don’t you? I think you meant “famous”.

  • There are WAY too many typos and grammatical errors for an article this short. Definitely needs at least one read-through before posting. I mean, seriously, this article look like it was wrote by a five year-old.

  • xxjinzaxx

    For a moment I thought, “What? They’re going to use JW’s theme for Superman?” But the morning grogginess wore off and I realized my folly.

  • Math

    Looks like we are talking about entire score per film including sequels. My list would be wildly different if we treated sequels individually (Star Wars movies would probably occupy 2/3rd of my list) or if we treated themes individually (Superman is my favorite theme, but the collection of Star Wars themes is better then the collection of Superman themes)…

    Then there’s also how the score fits with the movie vs how it sounds by listening to it on it’s own. Some movies are not all that great, but the music on it’s own is amazing (a movie like Hook comes to mind), or the music is not something I would get super excited of listening on it’s own, but it fits so perfectly and elevates the movie so much (something like Jaws for example). That would probably change my list as well.

    I’ll assume we are talking about franchises as one entry and I’ll ignore the quality of the movies themselves and focus on how much I enjoyed the music… Here is my list :

    1. Star Wars
    2. Indiana Jones
    3. Superman
    4. Jurassic Park
    5. Hook
    6. Harry Potter
    7. E.T.
    8. Far and Away
    9. Jaws
    10. Home Alone

    John Williams is by far my favorite composer (and I love a lot of them). His themes are just pure magic. “Hook” and “Far and Away” are scores that grew on me with multiple listening which is why they made my list. Coming out of the theater, these two probably would not have made my list, but given how often I ended up going back to listen to them, I had to include them.

    I’m so grateful Williams is still working. He’s been a bit less present since 2005, but he seems to be on a roll right now. Funny thing is that I’m currently hooked on the BFG soundtrack but I’ve yet to see the movie. Looking forward to more magic with Star Wars, Indy 5 and Ready Player One.

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    Damn, I hate these kinds of articles that are really poorly written and lead you to page after page of SLOW loading time. I thought this site was better than that. Come on guys.

    • M L

      Honestly was it written by a second grader?