‘Logan’: Top 10 Things Learned From The First 40 Minutes

The 20th Century FOX 2017 showcase surprised journalists with the entire first act of James Mangold's Logan, and it was incredible.

Logan Wolverine James Mangold

The 20th Century FOX 2017 showcase surprised journalists including us at Heroic Hollywood with the entire first act of Logan, and it was incredible. I, like many other members of the press, only expected to see some extra bits of footage from the film. What we ended up receiving was not only a huge treat but taught us a lot more about what to expect in the upcoming Marvel film.

As we go on, I’ll explore the top 10 things I learned from seeing the first 40 minutes of Logan. Granted, the points aren’t really in any particular order, just the most important bits of information revealed in the first act. I haven’t seen the rest of the film, so I don’t know everything, but I will include a potential spoiler warning for this post.

10. A Western in the X-Verse

Many journalists have said this about the film, Logan looks like a western. James Mangold, the film’s director himself, said this was intentional; and he included a quote from the western Shane in the still book given to the press. But after seeing the first forty minutes of the film, you could truly feel the influence of Westerns. The location alongside the Mexican border, lone heroes, bounty hunters, and desert chase scenes alongside trains are all taken from the Western. These aspects breathe new life into the film, placing it higher than the usual superhero fare we’ve become accustomed to. And this is likely due to the next point.

9. A film before a superhero film

James Mangold stated during the event that he wanted the film to survive as a film first, and a superhero movie second. While the film certainly revolves around mutants, the film only has four (at least in the first 40 minutes). And even still, the world the characters are operating in feels more like a western drama than a superhero drama. This is great because as fans get bored of the usual MCU offerings, FOX and DC can try to innovate on the outskirts. Logan is a film people could likely watch many times whether they’re superhero fans or not.

8. Caliban is serving as Professor X’s doctor

When we learned Caliban would appear in Logan, we had no idea what his role would be. Fox only supplied us with two images of the character, the one above, and one which shows his entire face. After seeing the first act, we learned what Caliban’s role is in the film– a caretaker of Professor X. We’ll get more into why Professor X needs help a little later, but Caliban is the one giving him medicine. Wolverine can’t be around all day, as he needs to make money for the medicine, and Caliban can’t go out in sunlight. This makes Caliban the perfect candidate to take care of the Professor. He looks after the Professor, providing him with the medicine, and keeping him minor company. Due to Caliban’s ability to track mutants, he can also sense if danger is approaching.

7. The film will be bloody, very bloody

While this one may seem obvious, the R rating for the film is indeed deserved– but in the best way. The gory nature of the film is spectacular, perhaps even more so than Deadpool. Wolverine and X-23 (who we’ll cover later), both wreak havoc on the baddies in the film. The opening scene immediately conveys that Logan is separating itself from the other films. We finally get to see the true nature of Wolverine explored on screen, with all the gore of Kick-Ass or Kingsman: The Secret Service. Severed body parts and blood galore, this is truly the Wolverine film we have been waiting for

6. Professor X needs to be kept in a remote location

Part of the reason Caliban needs to be taking care of Professor X is because Xavier is having psychic blasts. Due to the strength of Xavier’s powers, these uncontrollable blasts of energy would likely be deadly for any regular human. Professor X is being kept in a water drum in the middle of nowhere to both protect innocent citizens, and keep his location a secret. Caliban must treat the Professor regularly so the psychic blasts won’t occur, but when they do, Logan is the only one capable of getting close enough to the Professor to give the medicine. The cast of mutants we’re provided with are certainly not in shape as both Professor X and Logan are aging.

5. Deadpool’s cursing brought to the other mutants

Before this film, I never knew how much I wanted Professor X to drop a f-bomb, but hearing it was fantastic. Deadpool’s bad mouth has been brought to the entire cast of Logan. While we’ve already seen Wolverine curse a couple times during the other X-Men films, here we get much more. The R-rating brings far more than just violence, as the gritty western style is complete with the sour mouths one should expect. While the movie may not have the same level or style of cursing as Deadpool had, it seems to be used to greater effect in this film.

4. Logan’s powers are weakening

We already mentioned how Wolverine was getting older, and it’s having an effect on his powers. If you saw the trailer, you’d know Wolverine’s bullet holes didn’t instantly heal. Not only does it appear his healing factor is slowing down, but his claws aren’t working properly either. Throughout the first act, one of his claws seems to be jammed and won’t extend properly. Alongside his slow healing factor, Logan isn’t the killing or fighting machine he once was. But while he may be stiff and slow, he’s still able to rip through a number of foes– showing just how menacing he would be at full power. Luckily however, we have another clawed mutant to save the day.

3. Professor X is going senile

On top of Professor X’s uncontrollable psychic blasts, it seems dementia is hitting him as well. Xavier is spewing nonsense the first time we meet him in the film, and we immediately feel for the character. The beloved mutants being ravaged by old age is a rough He at times doesn’t know where he is or who Logan is. It’s a bad state for one of the most powerful mutants. While the Professor still seems to have some sense in him, it’s difficult for Logan to figure out when he’s really there.

2. The last mutants?

In the promotional art, we’ve seen the saying “where are all the mutants,” and the first act begins answering this question. For whatever reason, we learn there have been no new mutant births in the last twenty years– at least until X-23 shows up. On top of that, it very much looks as though Logan, Caliban, Professor X, and X-23 are the last mutants left. Whether or not this is the case remains to be seen. Will the film go the Old Man Logan route to explain why the other mutants are all gone? I can’t be certain, but something Professor X said during the first act may point in that direction.

1. X-23 is a badass

After initial speculation hit the internet that X-23 would appear in Logan, fans were immediately excited. We’ve waited a long time to see the female version of Wolverine on screen, and I can say she has been done perfectly. Just as Wolverine’s bloodiness has been ramped up for the film, X-23 is a slaughter fest. Perhaps even more badass than Wolverine as she’s still young and her powers aren’t waning. To best picture how incredible X-23 is on screen, think Black Widow’s fighting style and Hit Girl’s gore. And while comic fans will know this, X-23’s third claw comes out of her feet, allowing for even more ways of killing. She’s probably my new favorite X-Men character; and will likely be a breakout character a la Eleven from Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Logan hits theaters March 3.

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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