Top 10 Moments From ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer

Just in time to celebrate Earth Day, the latest trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence has hit the web.

Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day ResurgenceJust in time to celebrate Earth Day, the latest trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence has hit the web. It has been twenty years since Earth came together to fight back against an alien invasion and celebrate the 4th of July as a global holiday.

In order to set the tone for this sequel, the trailer needed to do a number of things. The first being set the tone, show massive destruction and feature just the right amount of nostalgia with characters that we loved from the original film. This trailer does that and more, showing that Independence Day: Resurgence could be a massive hit at the box office.

10. Modern Technology

Twenty years after the destruction and battle for Earth, it appears that humanity has taken the technology that alien’s left behind and helped to advance our own security and defense systems. This advancement came at a horrific cost of countless human lives but it appears that most of Earth has embraced what happened, while a few are still unsure about what this technology could bring. In this trailer we see advancements in technology, weapons and military defenses. Visually, the new look is impressive.

9. Vivica A. Fox/Jasmine 

While Will Smith will not be returning for the sequel, his wife Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox) is.

8. “They’re celebrating” 

When are told within the trailer that humans have fully advanced the technology that was left behind after the first attack, which could include a way for the aliens to communicate with us. We see that the aliens have announced that they will be returning to Earth and this time, “they’re celebrating.” This instantly sets the tension for the trailer and has us on the edge of our seat.

7. Liam Hemsworth 

Liam Hemsworth can be seen throughout this trailer, taking a big role in the sequel. He appears to be taking on the Will Smith role of this new franchise. While fresh off of The Hunger Games, this might allow Hemsworth to show more physical and emotional strength.

6. Returning Cast Members 

This trailer has just the right amount of nostalgia and new action introduced. We see many of our favorite characters returning to their now infamous roles twenty years later.

5.  Destruction 

This is without a doubt a Roland Emmerich film. Complete with massive destruction, explosions and landmarks being blown apart. The visual effects have come along way since the original film was released. The destruction and damage has been increased massively for this sequel and looks stunning, which has become Emmerich’s signature.

4. Will Smith/Captain Steven Hiller

Once news broke that Independence Day would be getting the sequel treatment, questions immediately started to surface if Will Smith would be returning as Captain Steven Hiller. Will Smith will not be returning in this sequel but his character is being addressed even within the opening frames of the trailer. Would you have like to see Smith return? Comment below and let us know!

3.Jeff Goldblum/David Levinson 

David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) was the reluctant hero of Independence Day and is returning to take on the aliens once again. Levinson will be helping a new generation fight back in order to protect the Earth. He is also providing comic relief throughout the trailer.

2. Bill Pullman/President Whitmore 

Audiences see Bill Pullman return as President Whitmore in the opening moments of the trailer. He has become one of the most iconic Presidents on the big screen, complete with a speech that now lives in movie history. “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!” It looks like this film will also feature another infamous speech and the return of our great leader.

1. “They’re BACK!” 

While the characters are returning and the fight for Earth is once again on the line, this movie is all about the aliens coming back once again. The movie isn’t afraid to poke fun of the returning invasion, even commenting that “they really like the landmarks.” This trailer has the right amount of action, nostalgia and appears to be a great summer movie. Only time will tell when Independence Day: Resurgence is released on June 24th.


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