Top 5 Moments From The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Trailer

The highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed trailer has hit the web and shows off the video game adaption in full force. The trailer sets up this world and explains that Michael Fassbender, who will be playing dual roles Callum Lynch and Aguilar, is being connected with his past blood relatives. Despite them being separated by a few hundred years, they are now re-connected via sci-fi technology through Lynch.

For fans of the video game, this world and visuals might feel familiar but for those of who haven’t played the game, this feels like a new and interesting world with impressive visual effects and fight choreography. Below we highlight the top five moments from the trailer, both good and bad (yes, we talk about that Kanye West song).

5. Kanye West? 

At first watch through this trailer is visually stunning, sets up a brand new world and shows off how much Michael Fassbender has become a part of this character but the trailer has one major standout moment that is a negative. Kanye West’s music is used as a soundtrack and it takes you out of this unique and complex world. While the storyline goes from modern into the past, the music is still a major distraction.

4. World Building 

This trailer needed to set up the world that Assassin’s Creed will live within, for fans of the video games and movie goers who have never picked up the game. It does that effortlessly, right off the start Marion Cotillard’s character explains that it is through advanced scientific technology that Callum Lynch/Aguilar, is being connected with his past blood relatives. This also explains going back and forth between modern/futuristic settings and the 15th century. This feels like a completely new world and landscape for moviegoers to explore and most of all it doesn’t feel like a video game, it feels like a live-action, intense, yet historical film.

3. Action Sequences 

While setting up the story and characters is critical for an introduction trailer like this, audiences needed to see one thing, some major ass kicking fight sequences and Assassin’s Creed doesn’t hold back on the punches. The fight sequences look intense, hard-hitting and fast paced.

The action-adventure video game series, which started back in 2007, has allowed gamers to become a part of various points throughout history.These fight sequences look modern yet don’t feel out of place in the past. The crossover between modern and the past through fighting is a major standout within this trailer and immediately grabs your attention.

2. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is an award winning actress and is no stranger to big blockbuster films after starring in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. She fits right into this new world and helps to frame the story moving forward. Do we trust her character? Is she doing what she thinks is right in order? Her character comes off as complex and interesting and hooks us in from the start. The chemistry between Fassbender and Cotillard is undeniable.

1. Michael Fassbender

This trailer had a lot riding on it for introducing mass audiences into this video game world but most of all, it comes down to Michael Fassbender delivering in this role and safe to say from this trailer he does that and more. Fassbender is simply put an incredibly gifted actor and it’s exciting to see him take on such a physical and complex role. If his character works, the entire movie will go from feeling like a game to feeling believable.

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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