Top 5 Moments From ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Trailer


The highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed trailer has hit the web and shows off the video game adaption in full force. The trailer sets up this world and explains that Michael Fassbender, who will be playing dual roles Callum Lynch and Aguilar, is being connected with his past blood relatives. Despite them being separated by a few hundred years, they are now re-connected via sci-fi technology through Lynch.

For fans of the video game, this world and visuals might feel familiar but for those of who haven’t played the game, this feels like a new and interesting world with impressive visual effects and fight choreography. Below we highlight the top five moments from the trailer, both good and bad (yes, we talk about that Kanye West song).

Callum Lynch discovers that his ancestor Aguilar, from 15th century Spain, was an Assassin. Callum relives Aguilar’s memories to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to confront the Templars — age-old enemies of the Assassins — in the present day.

Directed by Justin Kurzel and starring Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Michael K. Williams, Ariane Labed, Jeremy Irons, and Brendan Gleeson, Assassin’s Creed opens in theaters December 21.

Are you looking forward to Assassin’s Creed? What do you think about the trailer? Comment below and lets talk all things Assassin’s Creed! 


Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • Vegas82

    Great trailer if you mute it to avoid the terrible music. The movie looks great though.

  • Some of these aren’t really moments in the strictest sense. Individual actors aren’t “moments.”

    For me, the best moment in the entire trailer was the bump at the end. The Leap of Faith. I’ve wanted to see that in live action for so long. Amazing.

    • Vegas82

      Go watch some videos of people doing high falls for stunt work. Now you’ve seen the Leap of Faith in live action. The button at the end is clearly CGI.

      • You know what I mean. Within the context of the film. 😉

        • Vegas82

          Heh, I have to admit I’m looking forward to everything from that LoF to the parkour and fight sequences. This first trailer really got me excited to see the movie. I’ve been a huge fan of the games since the first was released and think the story is a fun mix of science fiction and historical fiction.

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