Top 5 ‘New Hopes’ For Star Wars Celebration 2016

Star Wars Celebration 2015

2015 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim gave fans “Chewie…we’re home.” That trailer nearly shattered the Internet. Star Wars Celebration is an experience unlike any other if you are a fan of this ever expanding galaxy far far away. This is the event that allows you to show off your Star Wars pride, all while learning new information that will become a critical part of Star Wars canon. 

This year, Star Wars Celebration is taking over London. The event is going to feature a variety of panels including conversations with the cast, interactive features and with any luck some brand new trailers that might leave fans once again overcome with tears of joy.

Heroic Hollywood is highlighting our top five hopes for what will come out of 2016 Star Wars Celebration. We discuss everything from Rogue One to the possibilities of news surrounding Star Wars: Episode VIII. Are you attending Celebration in person? Will you be watching and following along on the live stream? Be sure to post pictures and tag us!

What are you hoping will come out of Celebration? Comment below and let’s talk all things Star Wars!

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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