Universal’s Monster Cinematic Universe Movies To Be Standalone Films

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This summer, The Mummy will kick-off Universal’s new shared cinematic universe of classic monsters. However, while the plan is to have the cinematic icons exist within the same world, the upcoming slate of monster movie reboots may not be as interconnected as similar shared film universes. In an interview with Collider, Chris Morgan, who will guide the shared universe along with Alex Kurtzman, discussed how each reboot will be designed as a standalone feature.

Morgan explained just how interconnected the upcoming monster films will be.

“We kind of designed them all to be kind of standalone sorts of franchises that have kind of similar things between them. And as the scripts came in, then we started putting them in a, ‘Well this would be a good order. We reveal this here’ so now it really comes down to, again, it’s a studio decision on which film is coming out next. Just with all the films we’re working on, Bride of Frankenstein,Van Helsing, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Wolfman, Invisible Man, and on and on and on, it’s a real embarrassment of riches in terms of awesome, fun characters. I always say it this way: I’m in my office right now and I’ve got a Werewolf head mounted on the wall. It’s pretty good to come into your office and—that’s what you’re working with, you’re working with monsters that are 80, almost 100 years old. There’s a real legacy, a real respect, the fact that this studio, I don’t think, would have lasted if it wasn’t for the monsters, it really built up.”

Morgan’s comments suggest that while fans can expect the characters from the various reboots to exit within the same world, any monster mash style crossovers may be few and far between. Are you disappointed to hear this news? Share your thoughts below!

The Mummy will be released in theaters on June 9, 2017. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the Universal Monster Cinematic Universe.

Source: Collider

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