‘Once Upon A Time’: The Evil Queen Makes Zelena Choose


At the end of the Once Upon A Time Season 6 premiere episode, “The Savior”, we saw The Evil Queen make her debut complete with appletinis.  She seeks to get Zelena on her side, especially in light of the wedge that is between her and Regina due to Robin’s death. The Evil Queen is looking to get Zelena, her “half sister” to choose between her and The Evil Queen’s “better half” Regina.

The minute and a half long clip gives us an exclusive look into this Sunday’s episode, titled “A Bitter Draught”. In the clip, the Evil Queen breaks past Regina’s protective spell on her vault and gathers up magic to replenish her stock. She explains she burned through The Dragon’s stash to get to Storybrooke and laughs menacingly about his fate and the fate of anyone that gets in her way. Zelena questions how the Evil Queen knows that she won’t go to Regina and reveal her plan to her and she says she already would have. She attempts to reassure Zelena that she just wants to teach Regina a lesson that she cannot get rid of her “evil half.”

The rest of Episode 2 of Season 6, “A Bitter Draught,” is described as follows: David and Snow work with Regina to neutralize the threat; Belle seeks Hook’s help finding a place to hide from Rumple; Emma shares her deadly vision of the future with Archie; and Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker) guest- stars as the Count of Monte Cristo.

Source: TVLine

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