Val Kilmer Wants To Fly Back In To ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Top Gun Iceman Val Kilmer
Top Gun is one of actor Val Kilmer’s most famous movies, so it’s only natural that he’d want to have some kind of part to play in the recently-confirmed (and rather belated) sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

Kilmer shared the following selfie, which has him wearing a shirt based on his character from the original, “Iceman”:

As it stands, very little is known about Top Gun: Maverick beyond the fact that it just got that subtitle (and the rumors that Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” is going to serve as an instructor to a new generation of pilots). That being said, it’s likely that Kilmer will get at least a cameo appearance if nothing else.

When it comes to doing a long-awaited revival, it’s imperative to try to bring as much of the original cast back as possible, and particularly the biggest names – one of the last attempts that Hollywood made toward getting a non-franchise movie a sequel was Independence Day: Resurgence, a film which opted not to bring Will Smith back and subsequently tanked at the domestic box office in spite of nearly every other star from the first movie returning. Hopefully, Top Gun: Maverick should have more in common with a movie like Star Wars: The Force Awakens in reminding people of why they love the original movie and exploring new ideas in the setting instead of leaving audiences wondering why they even bothered with a sequel.

Top Gun: Maverick does not currently have a release date. Tom Cruise is slated to star, while Joseph Kosinski is in discussions to direct the movie.

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    Can’t leave that rivalry out.

  • Titan

    Can’t leave Iceman out of TG2,

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    Looks like hes more likely to scare the children then he is to inspire the same kind of manliness as the original.

    He looks like a witch, BURN IT, BURN IT WITH FIRE /|/|

    Seriously though at least he lost that weight but Id stop there with the self improvment, anymore and youll look like caitlin jenner…

    • Bill

      Let’s see what you would look like after having cancer. Asshat