Valerie Vale Will Be Dating “Danger” On ‘Gotham’

Image Courtesy of TVLine
Image Courtesy of Fox via TVLine

TVLine provided a first look at reporter Valerie Vale played by actress Jamie Chung. Like her niece Vicki Vale of the comics, Valerie Vale will be a reporter in Gotham City. Vale will be a reporter for “The Gotham Gazette” this season on Fox’s Gotham. A few weeks ago Fox provided “Production Has Begun” viral videos which gave us the first footage of Valerie Vale. Fox just released the first official image of Chung as the reporter.

So far we know that Vale will be a tough as nails reporter who will be asking some pretty tough questions in the wake of last season’s fiasco at Indian Hill. Chung also provided some details of her character and where she begins in season three of Gotham.

“You find Valerie in the midst of it all asking the tough questions, trying to get to the core of the story. I think the question is whose skin she doesn’t get under. She’ll gives the cops a lead, but continues to show up — and that makes it difficult for them to do their job.”

Vale will also come from a family of police officers as well, so she knows how the game is played. She will also be attracted to a certain former cop currently looking for all the Indian Hill escapees. As a new possible love interest for Gordon, that also may present her with a certain level of danger as well.

Gotham returns to Fox September 19th at 8 PM.

Source: TVLine

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