‘Star Wars’ Fans Honour Carrie Fisher With Beautiful Gesture

Following the passing of Carrie Fisher, Star Wars fans the world over, have stopped at nothing to honour her. Hit the jump to check out their gesture.

Star Wars Carrie Fisher

Like many, I have not yet processed the death of Carrie Fisher. Perhaps my first crush, Fisher portrayed Princess (now General) Leia in the Star Wars franchise since 1977. Horribly, the actress suffered a heart attack, and was fighting for her life. Sadly, Fisher passed two days ago. Known for her humour, wit and snark, Fisher has inspired millions of girls and boys, the world over. Despite having over 88 acting credits, Fisher is most known for the beloved Star Wars franchise. The actress recently wrapped production on the eighth episode in the franchise, which is set to bow in December of next year.

Following her passing, Star Wars fans in Texas held a beautiful vigil for the actress. The simply gorgeous gesture shows what appears to be hundreds of people holding their lightsabers into the night’s sky. You can check out the touching moment below, thanks to ABC News:

This sucks. It really, really sucks. Carrie Fisher was one of the funniest, and nicest women to ever grace Hollywood. If you go onto Twitter, you can find countless stories about how Fisher would reply to group messages with her followers, or how she would message her followers asking how they are going, if they were feeling good. Now, that’s a real hero.

Source: ABC News

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