5 DC Comics Villains Perfect For Future ‘Injustice’ Games

With Injustice 2 finally upon us, there's a plethora of exciting new DC Comics villains a potential third entry could incorporate.

Injustice 2 DC Comics

DC created a home-run franchise when they released the first Injustice game. After a successful game and two popular tie-in comic series, Injustice 2 is finally upon us. With all eyes searching for Easter eggs and hints about the new game, it’s a good time to talk about future games. Let’s face it, this is too popular of a franchise for DC to let die. There have been over ten Mortal Kombat games, so strap in and get ready for an unjust future.

Superman was a great antagonist for the first game and I’m excited for Brainiac to finally get a moment in the spotlight in Injustice 2, but DC’s going to have to think bigger for future sequels.

Find out more about five villains perfect for any Injustice sequels below.

5. Amazo

Amazo is a bot specifically designed to mimic the powers of the Justice League to take them down.

While we can always watch Superman fight Superman in the game’s versus mode, featuring Amazo will allow us to watch what happens when Superman comes up against someone with his own powers as well as the magical abilities of his allies. How can the Justice League take down a villain that is capable of doing everything they can and more? Amazo is a relatively simple, brutish character, but that doesn’t mean the damage he causes isn’t perfect for the destruction-heavy Injustice franchise.

Professor Ivo, a mad scientist who became obsessed with the idea of immortality has made various versions of the bot throughout the character’s history. With the help of his android, Ivo has taken down the Justice League multiple times and even successfully wiped their minds ensuring they didn’t remember what happened to them. I want to see an army of Amazo’s attacking every city in the world as the Justice League scrambles to figure out how to fight. Amazo is only programmed to have the powers of DC heroes, so it will fall to villains like Poison Ivy and Gorilla Grodd to be the deciding factor in the fight to save the world.

4. Mongul

Mongul is a villain who was specifically designed to be a physical challenge to Superman. He has strength, speed and invulnerability to match Superman, but he’s got a brutal temper and a deep sense of entitlement that pushes him forward. At various points, he is even shown as being much stronger than Superman and completely impervious to harm.

Unfortunately for DC’s Finest, there is more than one Mongul. The emperor has a son who is just as strong as he is and a daughter who is known as a menace across the universe. As a family, all they care about is spreading rampage and conquering as many planets as they can. Now that Brainiac has made it clear Earth is open for attack, it only makes sense that Mongul, a conqueror himself, will set his sites on the planet and plan an attack of his own. He’s controlled vast armies and at one point was even in charge of the Sinestro Corps after Sinestro mysteriously disappeared, leaving a vast power vacuum within his army of fear.

Plus, if DC wanted to make a joke within their games, they could even drop an Easter egg in about Mongul’s relationship with Green Lantern. While he is primarily a Superman villain, Mongul used to fight the GLC quite a lot during the era when their rings were powerless against the color yellow. That’s right folks, if you want to stop a Green Lantern just be (or wear) yellow and there’s absolutely nothing their rings can do.

3. Trigon

Trigon is the father of Raven, a Teen Titan and playable character in the first Injustice game. He’s essentially the devil, a sadistic, cruel demon who wants to see his power and domain expand. By the time Trigon was one years old, he already ruled over a planet and when he reached six years old he already had the power to destroy whole planets. The game would have a fun, apocalyptic quality superhero titles don’t usually include. I want to see the Justice League fight supernatural creatures and demons that we’ve never seen before in a video game. Not only does he have powerful children who fight for him, but he also has a massive army of enslaved demons willing to destroy anything Trigon puts in front of them.

Plus, focusing on a magical villain will mean Superman is essentially powerless for this story line, a nice inversion on the Injustice idea that he is the most powerful being in the universe. While the Injustice comics have looked at the importance of magic in the game’s universe, so far the game’s themselves haven’t leaned too much on DC’s mystical material. I want characters like Constantine, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon to become key players instead of being forced into the background. Focusing on a mythical, magical villain will allow these supporting characters who are normally relegated to the background to become more prominent players. I don’t want each Injustice title to feel the same and limit us to characters who all have similar moves, and opening the universe up to more magic is a great way to do it.

2. Nekron 

Featuring Nekron means a future Injustice title should tackle the classic ‘Blackest Night’ story line. The story sees Nekron lead an army of dead DC characters as they cross the universe feeding off individual’s emotional energies. Put simply, he’s a pretty big freaking threat. He’s even DC’s living embodiment of death, a perfect fit for the game franchise that is chop full of murder.

Using Nekron as the title villain will help Injustice develop a solid emotional arc. Of course there will be a lot of explosive action as DC’s finest fight Nekron and his army of the undead, but the memorable moments will come when heroes are forced to come face-to-face with reminders of their past mistakes or lost loves. Struggling with their past mistakes as they fight to save the world gives each character a personal journey to undertake within the larger context of the Blackest Night story that will help keep audiences invested in each of the character’s sub-plots.

Injustice already has characters like Sinestro and Atrocitus, so the games just need to introduce us to characters from the other Lantern groups and we’re set for a ‘Blackest Night’ adaptation. We might even get to see some of our favorite DC characters join the various Lantern corps in the final efforts to take Nekron down. I’d throw a whole lot of money at NetherRealm studios if they let me play as Blue Lantern Flash in a future Injustice game, so hopefully they’re taking notes.

1. Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor is likely the most powerful villain in the entire DCU and a threat to the entire multiverse. The Anti-Monitor is an entity who travels to different universes and feeds off their energies, wiping away all life in his path. The more he absorbs, the stronger he becomes, making it easier for him to take down the next Universe in his way. He’s strong enough to withstand the combined attack of 50 Supermen and can take down the entire Justice League with a simple snap of his fingers.

Using him is a great way to introduce different versions of some of our favorite DC characters. We can hop around various Earths as different Justice League incarnations and imitators unite to fight off this awesome foe. This way we can fight as the Superman we know and love or one of the distinct versions of the character from any of the 52 universes featured in DC comics. Not only is that fun for the audience, but it’s a win-win for the game developers because they will get to sell a whole lot of additional skins as well as stack their roster with similar characters.

Plus, if Galactus can be the final villain in Marvel v. Capcom 3, I see no reason Anti-Monitor can’t be used in a future Injustice game. He’s a foe that will force everyone, villains and heroes, to come together or everything they’ve ever known will be wiped away in the blink of an eye.

Is your favorite DC Comics villain not on the list? Well hit the comment section and let me know who you think should be featured in future Injustice games!