‘Dune’: ‘Arrival’ Helmer Denis Villeneuve Confirmed To Direct Legendary Reboot

Denis Villeneuve is quickly becoming the busiest man in Hollywood. The 'Arrival' director has been chosen to redevelop Dune, hit the jump for details!


Denis Villeneuve has quickly become the most popular man in Hollywood. Following his critical, commercial and Oscar hit, Arrival, Villeneuve has been rumoured for just about every upcoming reboot or remake. The Prisoners director will bring audiences back into the wonderful world of Blade Runner later this year with Blade Runner 2049, starring Harrison Ford and La La Land‘s Ryan Gosling. Last December, it was heavily rumoured that the filmmaker was the front runner to helm a reboot of Dune, based on the bestselling novel by Frank Herbert. The novel has already received one live action adaptation, way back in 1984, which was directed by everyone’s favourite weirdo, David Lynch.

The novel told of young Paul Atreides, whose noble family accepts the stewardship of the desert planet Arrakis. No word on if the new movie will be a straight adaptation of the original text, or if it will be a reboot/remake of Lynch’s 1984 original. A mix, perhaps?

Villeneuve, according to Frank Herbert’s son, Brian, has been officially hired to direct Legendary Pictures’ Dune remake. You can check out the author’s tweet below:

Interestingly, according to Mark Hughes over at Forbes, Villeneuve is on the list of directors Warner Bros. are looking at to helm their upcoming Batman standalone picture, now that Ben Affleck has dropped out. One would assume, the Dune job would keep the filmmaker a little busy for the next few years. Unless, of course, Dune was pushed back in favour of Batman. This, however, is all speculation.

But, what do you guys think of this? Are you excited for another interpretation of Dune? The original film is one of the most misunderstood pictures of the last 40 years, but hopefully Villeneuve can produce something that is loved at the time of its release, and 50 years later.

Arrival is in theatres now.

Source: Twitter

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