‘Inhumans’: Vin Diesel Still Wants A Movie To Happen

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There’s no arguing that Vin Diesel would be a great choice to play Black Bolt in the live-action realization of Marvel’s The Inhumans. After the reveal The Inhumans would get their own feature film in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Diesel teased the prospect of himself landing the role of Black Bolt. Considering only his voice was used for Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, it seemed very possibly Diesel could get the gig, especially because Black Bolt vowed never to speak so that he wouldn’t lay waste with his devastating hypersonic voice.

But as we all know, rather than making their debut in phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel’s The Inhumans is coming to television instead. But that isn’t enough to stop Diesel from championing an Inhumans movie eventually coming to fruition in the MCU. In a recent chat with ScreenRant while promoting his new film xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Diesel expressed his feelings that Marvel is making a big mistake not moving forward with an Inhumans movie:

“I think Marvel should never—I don’t think Marvel should abandon their opportunity to make a film out of it. I think it could be a huge, huge saga, and if I had more time I would go over to Marvel and have that very conversation. But I think it would be a big mistake for Marvel to abandon their ambitions or their objective or their goals of making it into a film, because it would make such a cool universe.”

While an Inhumans film with the budget of an MCU movie would be incredible to see, the chances of it actually happening are slim to none at this point. Marvel, IMAX and Disney/ABC Television Group have made a groundbreaking partnership to bring the 8-episode first season to the small screen later this year, debuting the first two episodes exclusively in IMAX theaters Labor Day weekend. This marks the first time a television show has had a theatrical debut in history, as well as the first time IMAX has ever produced a television series.

ABC will then capitalize on The Inhumans by premiering extended versions of the first two episodes just two weeks later on September 26, 2017, with the following six episodes in tow. The first two episodes will be shot entirely with IMAX cameras with subsequent action sequences also to be shot in IMAX.

IMAX is also looking into the possibility of a second series. It seems the success of The Inhumans will determine the future of IMAX’s endeavors in television and possibly Marvels as well.

Since the series was announced, there has been much speculation that the series would focus on the Royal family. Recently we told you about the character breakdowns that hit the web. While the names for the characters have been changed, it’s pretty easy to determine who is who from the Royal family.

Marvel has signed on Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck to bring The Inhumans to life. Buck is best known for his work on the final three seasons of the Showtime drama Dexter. While the last three seasons of Dexter weren’t the greatest, the decision to hire Buck signals a confidence in him. Marvel must be very satisfied with the Iron Fist series which makes its debut on Netflix March 17, 2017.

Just yesterday, Black Sails director Roel Reine was announced to direct the first two episodes of the series.

What do you guys think? With Marvel and IMAX making such a big investment into television with The Inhumans, do you think a movie could ever happen down the line? More importantly, should it?

Source: Screenrant

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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