Violett Beane Spotted On Set Of ‘The Flash’ In Jesse Quick Speedster Suit

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Fans have been wondering if we would be seeing Jesse Quick in her speedster form ever since she was first introduced during the second season of The Flash. Near the end of the season, Wally and Jesse both got hit with the same particle accelerator explosion that gave Barry his powers back, but nothing seemed to come of it by the time the season wrapped. Jesse was in a temporary coma much like Barry was when he was first struck, but when she awoke there were no noticeable signs of superspeed.

The trailer for season three has given us our first look at Wally West in his Kid Flash outfit, but we have still yet to see any hints that Jesse would also be suiting up at some point. Executive producers of the show have already confirmed that we would be seeing both her and her Earth-2 father, Harrison Wells, once again joining Team Flash near the end of season three, but in reality we may not have to wait that long.

For starters, set images showing Wally and Jesse together had surfaced online less than a week ago, which proves that Jesse will definitely be back earlier than we had thought. Although she wasn’t sporting a supersuit in the set images, a tweet that was posted by Canadagraphs on August 19th seems to claim different. According to the tweet, Jesse was not only on set, but she was sporting her Jesse Quick suit. Check out the tweet below:

It’s hard to believe that this tweet went over looked for more than a week due to its significance. According to the tweet, Beane would have been suited up as Jesse right around the time episodes four and five of the third season were being filmed. It is unknown if the Flashpoint timeline will still be intact at that point, or if Barry would have found a way back by then. My best guess is that in an alternate timeline Jesse and Wally both have powers, but then after the Flashpoint timeline we don’t see her again until near the end of the season.

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Source: Canadagraphs Twitter

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