‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln Doesn’t ‘Want To Know’ About Twists

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It’s easy to become addicted to spoilers when it comes to our favorite shows. But sometimes, it’s more fun to not know much going into an episode of a favorite TV show so that the surprise will still be there. Often, actors don’t want to know either, as is the case with The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln.

Speaking with EW, Andrew Lincoln says that he doesn’t like to know ahead of time what will happen on the show. For example, Lincoln didn’t know about the plot twist in the season finale of The Walking Dead.

“I’m serious when I say that I don’t ask for any information. I don’t want to know. Obviously, if there are things like his relationship with Michonne I would prefer to know that there are seeds being sown, but with big reveals like this, I love learning on the day. I think it’s much, much stronger. Because no matter how good you are, there’s an inherent sense that you might play something that may signal. I read it, and I went, ‘Ooooooh, it’s so smart!’ Because you know what the writers did is they put that really good joke in before and it diffuses, and it’s such a smart way of going, ‘Oh, they’re never do that,’ because you just think, ‘Oh, they’re funny.’ It’s so good because it deflects and then it reveals.”

So when it comes to the more shocking things on the show, Lincoln would rather be surprised and not know too early.

The Walking Dead won’t return to AMC until the fall, but do you agree with Lincoln’s assessment? Do you enjoy being spoiled or being surprised? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: EW

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