‘Walking Dead’ Deleted Scene Shows Maggie’s Optimism


During last season of The Walking Dead, there was a specific arc surrounding the fate of Glenn when his fate after falling into a pile of zombies was left quite vague. While some fans thought it was a little misleading and drawn out, it was a clever way to keep us on our toes in regards to his fate (especially fans of the comic book who know what his outcome was in that medium) while we waited. While we were somewhat on our toes in regards to Glenn’s status, so were other people. Glenn’s other half, Maggie was also in the dark as to if he was alive or dead.

In fact, most of the citizens of Alexandria might have ruled him out as dead since he was missing for so long. A newly released deleted scene from the upcoming Season 6 Walking Dead Blu-Ray/DVD shows Deanna Monroe and Maggie overlooking the outside world from a lookout post.

Deanna offers some comfort to Maggie expressing the hope that he is still out there and he’s OK. She also acknowledges her isolation of being confined within the walls and safety of Alexandria have led her to a false sense of security. It’s good that she acknowledges that her leadership is in need of some “course correction” and that both she and Maggie are strong women. Maggie eventually gains a much more active leadership role and this scene shows a little bit of Deanna “passing the torch” to Maggie.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD August 25. The Walking Dead Season 7 returns to AMC October 23.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Comicbook.com

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