‘The Walking Dead’: Negan’s Character May Be Getting A New Look

'The Walking Dead' set photos suggest Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan may be getting a look more similar to his comic book counterpart.

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When Negan made his debut on the sixth season finale of The Walking Dead most fans praised the series for their faithful adaptation of the ruthless comic book character. However, while Negan’s attitude, dialogue and clothing were near perfect mirrors of his comic book counterpart, viewers did take note of one major difference between both versions of the character.

While Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s version of the character sported a beard, the comic book version was completely clean shaven. Now, a new set photo from the Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page suggests that the live-action Negan may soon be ditching the beard for a look more familiar to comic book readers.

You can check out the image by following the link below!


The images features actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, who appears to have shaved off the beard.

During an appearance on The Talking Dead, Jeffery Dean Morgan had explained that he had to keep the beard because of his role on The Good Wife, which was still filming when he had be cast as Negan. Now that The Good Wife has concluded, it appears Jeffery Dean Morgan could finally cut the beard and bring Negan to life with 100% accuracy.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday at 9:00 pm ET on AMC.

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans

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