The Walking Dead Recap: S6E12 Not Tomorrow Yet

The Walking Dead

The following article contains spoilers regarding The Walking Dead’s “Not Tomorrow Yet.”

This latest season of The Walking Dead has shown that this post-apocalyptic world is much larger than anyone originally thought. Audiences have been introduced to the Hilltop Colony and heard rumblings of a leader named Negan who runs his own group, The Saviors. It’s with all of this new information, Rick and crew heads back Alexandra, with the mission of finding Negan and killing his followers.

“Not Tomorrow Yet” opens with Carol (Melissa McBride) going through what appears to be a typical day in Alexandra, complete with killing walkers and baking cookies. Carol seems to be stuck between her traditional housekeeper/mother role and her natural ability to fight.

Throughout the episode it’s clear that a relationship, even a possible romance, is developing between Carol and Tobin (Jason Douglas). Tobin reminds Carol that it’s her natural mother instinct that comes out when she is fully being herself. She is a strong willed person. The people of Alexandra have become hers to protect and watch over.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the crew arrive back in Alexandra and organize everyone to meet. In typical Rick fashion, he addresses the group, explaining the threat that is ahead. “We have to win, we do this for the Hilltop, it’s how we keep this place,” expresses Rick to Alexandra.

Morgan (Lennie James) opposes opposition, saying that he feels it’s more important to talk to The Saviors, instead of fighting them. In a slight step outside of his normal character, Rick opens this up for a group discussion. It seems that he is embracing more of what Alexandra was in the beginning, the re-start of humanity, complete with democracy.

All of the characters are processing the threat and battle ahead of them. Maggie and Glenn weigh the options of how to handle this situation, including if Maggie should fight. Abraham decides to leave Rosita. Tara and Denise took their relationship to a new level, expressing their love for one another.

The plan to invade The Saviors community starts to develop. Rick proposes a unique way of entering the camp, very similar to that of a Trojan horse plan. The Saviors want Gregory and Rick plans to give them him (or at least his head), in order to enter their camp.

The group heads out, tensions are high amongst everyone as they realize this might be a fight harder than anything else they have faced before. For many that live in Alexandra, they have never faced a threat like this before, they had to fight back while the camp was under siege of both the wolves and walkers but this is a different test. This is human against human, life against life.

For the first time, The Saviors camp is revealed. It appears to be a complete compound with flood flights, surveillance and fully outfitted watchtowers. The team quickly descends on the fortress.

Our original crew, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, along with the new team from Alexandra have become more than just survivors within this world, they are full on killers and fighters. They go on to slaughter those sleeping within the compound, before they even wake up.

The mission goes off course when a fire alarm is pulled, alerting everyone within the compound that they are under attack. A full on battle breaks out and bullets fly. The original crew has won the first battle with The Saviors but this is only the start of a long and dangerous war.

The war starts sooner than anyone realized; one remaining survivor tries to make a run for it and is quickly facing the barrel of Rick’s gun. The Saviors have captured Maggie and Carol.

Perhaps Jesus explained it best, “This is the next world.”


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