The Walking Dead Recap: S6E13 The Same Boat

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead “The Same Boat.” 

Last week’s The Walking Dead left audiences on the end of their seats, Negan’s group The Saviors have captured Maggie and Carol and members of Alexandria showed that they are ready to survive and fight back. With the stakes such so high and lives on the line, “The Same Boat” picks up with the same intensity and tension that constantly builds upon what The Walking Dead has become.

“The Same Boat” opens with the security systems going off at The Saviors camp and Carol (Melissa McBride) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) getting captured. We see this interaction from the perspective of The Saviors, who clearly believe that they have full control over the situation.

The Saviors are operating a complete operation, with codes of conduct, specific communication channels and safe houses. Carol and Maggie are transported to a safe house, which resembles the creepy room from the original Saw. Carol starts to have what appears to be an instant panic attack, she is bound by her legs, arms and mouth. Polly (Alicia Witt) is the lead woman in charge of negotiations.

As the integration of Carol and Maggie continue, the audience learns more about The Saviors and how they are interacting within this post-apocalyptic world, they believe that the point of this world is to simply stay standing, to simply survive.

Carol injured a member of The Saviors during their capture and he quickly demands revenge and retribution. After it is discussed amongst those watching Carol and Maggie, they agree that they must play the situation smart. This leads to one of the most intense and awesome fight scenes this season, with Maggie and Carol both showing off how strong they are, even tied up.

This fight results in Carol and Maggie being separated and questioned separately. The connection is finally made between Rick’s group and the killing that took place on the road with Abraham, Daryl and Sasha. The Saviors are slowly starting to realize that Rick’s group might be more threatening than originally perceived.

Polly opens up to Carol, explaining what her life was like before the zombie attack hit, she explains that she realized quickly she would have to kill people in order to be stronger and survive.  Polly finally reaches out to Rick and explains that she wants to make a trade.

In true bad ass Carol fashion, she breaks free from the holding room and finds Maggie. They use the walkers against The Saviors and start a full frontal bloody assault. Carol is confronted with a choice, either let Polly live or shoot her at point blank range. Carol begs Polly to run but is attacked by a zombie and has to fire. One of Polly’s fellow members tries to attack Maggie with a knife and goes for her unborn child. Without thinking Carol kills her instantly.

Carol has an all out brawl with Polly and impales her on a rusty pipe, leaving her to be slowly and grossly eaten by walkers. The other members of The Saviors who were on their way to assist with the trade are tricked into going to the “kill floor” in which Carol incinerates them.

Everyone who was involved with the capture of Carol and Maggie are now dead. The group is reunited with Carol and Maggie and once Rick realizes that Primo, the only remaining Savior currently, isn’t leverage. He pulls the trigger and kills him.

For the first time in a while, it appears that Carol is processing her actions and regretting the actions that she has to take in order to survive. This eposide introduced us to the inner workings of The Saviors but Negan still remains a mystery. With only three episodes left in this season, it appears that the action and intensity will only increase.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC at 9 p.m.


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