The Walking Dead Recap: S6E15 East

The Walking Dead

With this being the last eposide before the season six finale, the stakes have been raised for our main characters, as Negan’s arrival is approaching rapidly.

“East” opens with Carol’s perspective from the previous eposide. As we know, Carol (Melissa McBride) decides to leave behind Alexandria because she feels that she can no longer protect or kill for the people she loves. Tobin sees Carol one last time before she departs and the two share a final kiss.

We see all of the main characters experiencing some rare calm within Alexandria, all to the tunes of a Johnny Cash classic. Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) sharing intimate moments, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) catching each others glances and Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) getting closer than ever. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tells Michonne that if they do get attacked by The Saviors, it will be ok this time, they are more prepared and everyone knows how to fight. “The world is ours, we will take it,” says a determined and focused Rick.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) heads out of Alexandria without warning and Tobin brings the note to Rick that Carol has left the camp; Rick and Morgan head out to find Carol. 

Carol has left Alexandria, in a car completely outfitted to be a part of the Mad Max universe, which quickly experiences a flat tire. The trap has been set up by The Saviors and Carol is immediately caught in the middle. Carol tells them that her name is Nancy and that she isn’t associated with any group. The group quickly puts it together that Carol is from Alexandria because of her “Mad Max” inspired vehicle. The Saviors has been surveying Alexandria preparing to attack. During the back and forth conversation, Carol was concealing a machine gun within her jacket and open fires. Killing all but two Saviors, one she quickly impales with a spear and the other is shot at point blank range.

Morgan and Rick head out east looking for Carol. Rick questions why Morgan would even want to go out looking for Carol, he explains that he got to know Carol in their time together and that in this world, “there is no right. It’s just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.”

Rick and Morgan find the aftermath of Carol’s shoot out along the road. One Savior survived and took off from the scene. Morgan questions how Carol could have fought back like this after what she wrote within her letter back at Alexandria. Rick says that he is proud of Carol because she is a force of nature and always does what she needs to do to survive, even when she is morally conflicted.

Glenn, Rosita and Michonne head out after Daryl. Rosita assumes that Daryl went back to the location of Denise’s death. Daryl is having difficulty coping with the fact that someone he let live, killed Denise. The group finds Daryl and Glenn explains that he is needed at his home, their home back in Alexandria. Despite best intentions by Glenn and Michonne, Daryl walks away with Rosita. As they are making the return trip, Glenn and Michonne find themselves surrounded by a group of Saviors.

Morgan confronts Rick about sending Carol away when the group was at the prison and the fact that she came back and saved everyone back in Terminus. The two come across another individual on the path looking for Carol, Rick takes a shot at him and Morgan pushes him so the bullet will miss him.

Morgan confesses to Rick that he did keep one of the wolves within Alexandria and allowed him to live, but because of the action, it create a ripple impact that in the end saved Carl. After the two recognize their completely different viewpoints of the world, Morgan decides to head out alone to look for Carol because Rick is needed more at Alexandria.

While back at Alexandria, Maggie is shown experiencing intense labor pains and is screaming.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to rescue Glenn and Michonne, Rosita and Daryl are surrounded by Saviors and a blood spattering gun shot ends the episode and it is unclear if Rosita or Daryl was killed, or just wounded.

This was an episode filled with ideological questions and a big reveal; that Michonne really did eat Morgan’s protein bar. Is all life precious in this post-apocalyptic world?  In a world with individuals like Negan, that question is about to take on a whole new meaning. The season finale for season six will take place next Sunday with an extended 90 minute eposide.

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