‘The Walking Dead’: Ross Marquand Speaks On Negan’s Actions

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Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on The Walking Dead, is just as frustrated as viewers when it comes to the cruelty and chaos of Negan’s actions. This season has been quite heavy on fans, beginning with the death of fan favorites – which set a dreary and hopeless tone for what was to come.

For Ross Marquand’s character, seeing the death of his friends via baseball bat was quite traumatizing. Speaking with ComicBook.com, Marquand talked about how much Aaron has changed since these events took place earlier in season seven.

“I think his optimism and his general belief that everyone is inherently good and can be turned to the good side if given the chance is being severely challenged, he’s realizing that much like the people that he used to work with in western Africa, all those warlords and drug lords that he worked with before the apocalypse began, they’re very similar to Negan. There’s some people you just can’t reason with. I think he realizes there’s no way to be diplomatically sound with these people. You have to actually fight fire with fire.

I think at the end of the day, his chief goal has always been the safety and security of Alexandria, that’s why he brought Rick and the group into the community in the first place was because he thought they could help secure the walls and everything and make sure they were strong, solid people inside. So, for him, it’s a no brainer. You gotta go and do your best to make sure that it’s a sustainable community even after all these horrific things have happened.”

We’re hoping that Aaron can redeem himself when The Walking Dead returns.

The Walking Dead‘s season 7B is back tonight, February 12th, at 9 P.M ET on AMC.

Source: ComicBook.com