‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale Has ‘An Amazing Script’

'The Walking Dead' director and producer Greg Nicotero, along with actor Ross Marquand, tease the season 7 finale episode.

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The Walking Dead is gearing up for the premiere of the second half of its seventh season. But it seems that everyone seems more excited for what the season seven finale will bring.

Andrew Lincoln is excited because “Rick’s swagger is back.

But, how will the season seven finale look. The show has already killed off Glenn and Abraham this season. Will there be more death?

Well, one thing that season seven finale director and executive producer Greg Nicotero can guarantee is that the episode has “an amazing script.”

“It was written by Scott [Gimple] and Angela [Kang] and Matt Negrete. How can you get along with those three? It’s everything that you would ever want. It’s thrilling. It’s emotional. It’s powerful. Everything that’s, when our show fires on all cylinders you can’t stop it.”

Nicotero continues, saying that the episode was fun to shoot and that there’s a real payoff for fans.

“I feel that episode hits every mark. It was a blast to shoot. I had a ton of fun. I was a little, even surprised, because the season was hard. We started the first half of the season, it was such a downer. Watching Rick, when I was doing the [Walker Stalker Cruise] panel, I said it’s like taking Rick’s face and shoving it into a pile of s—. Expecting the audience to go along with that, it’s hard. It’s tricky emotionally, and it’s tricky for the actors, it’s tricky for our audience.

Knowing now where the show goes in the second half, and that it starts to do what we always do in the second half of the season, is everything starts to ramp up. You have to lay the seeds otherwise the payoff doesn’t work. The payoff for the finale is amazing.”

Actor Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on the show, agrees. He adds that the season seven finale is also one of the most ambitious they’ve ever done.

“Oh, god, it was insane. That was the most ambitious episode I’ve ever been a part of. I think Greg [Nicotero] can tell you better but I think it was the most ambitious sets we’ve ever done in size and scope and what we were attacking that way. It was insane. Pretty cool.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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