‘The Walking Dead’ Season Opener FCC Complaints Revealed

The Walking Dead's gruesome season opener has received a fair few complaints from viewers which have been recently been revealed.

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It’s no secret that The Walking Dead‘s season 7 opener was one of the, if not the absolute, most anticipated episodes of TV to air this year. With the hype train for the 7th season building up through the Summer, fans were eventually greeted with the show’s most gruesome display yet by the time the episode aired this past October.

As you might have expected, given that even people who have been watching the show for the past 6 seasons were taken aback by the level of violence in this particular episode, there were some fairly unhappy viewers who decided to complain to the FCC, with the general consensus of the recently revealed complaints being that the brutal nature of the episode left them feeling traumatized and nauseous. A viewer from Virginia wrote:

“The AMC show The Walking Dead has transformed from people killing soulless animated corpses into a sadistic, emotional torture by showing people killing other people in the most brutal and sadistic ways. The last episode of season 6 and the latest episode of season 7 made me very anxious and sick to my stomach. Watching ISIS behead someone isn’t as horrible as watching this tv show.”

Another fan touched on the skewed priorities of censorship on the network:

“The season opener of The Walking Dead on AMC was beyond brutal, beyond sick and beyond evil. I know there is a warning posted before airing, but kids can still see this. Watching a favourite character’s (human) head being repeatedly pulverized into the ground by another human until there is nothing left is beyond comprehension. I find it hard to believe that this is allowed to be aired, yet 2 people having sex and showing even part of a genital is not. Absolutely disgusting.”

Yet another viewer went more into detail on the previously mentioned issue of children potentially seeing the gruesome content:

“The Walking Dead season 7 premiere has left my daughter and I psychologically traumatized! We are not the overly protective parents although we do monitor what our 12 year old watches, as should all parents. This show she watches only with us because it contains gore. But last night’s premiere went far beyond what I ever thought was legal to show on tv. I did have our 12 year old turn away after a favorite character’s head was bashed in and his eye protruding from his skull was shown, but it was too late and she was hysterically crying. As much as I tried to be strong, I myself couldn’t stop crying. The intensity of a beloved character babbling nonsense due to the severe head trauma and with his eye out of his head, and still the camera on him while he’s sadistically tortured was by far the most traumatizing thing I have ever seen in my 44 years of living.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC after its Winter break on February 12th 2017.

Source: The Daily Dot / ComicBook.com

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