‘The Walking Dead’: Truce Called In Norman Reedus’ & Andrew Lincoln’s Glitter War

Negan, zombies, and… glitter. Three of the most sinister words associated with the show The Walking Dead. The first two for obvious reasons, but the third not so much. Negan and zombies terrorize the cast during the show, while the dreaded glitter bomb haunts the actors behind the scenes. Andrew Lincoln was the receipt of said glitter bomb earlier in the year – from costar Norman Reedus nonetheless –  and it apparently has turned into a full on glitter war. In an attempt at revenge, Lincoln kept the feud going to by getting Reedus back during a convention panel for the show.

In a truly surprising turn of events, it looks like there might be a compromise between the two Walking Dead stars. While speaking with The Wrap, Andrew Lincoln confirms the war may be headed into truce territory. The truce may be thin, but it’s in place nonetheless.

“The glitter war–there is a very, very fragile truce that’s happened. I mean, it’s not going to take much to reignite this glitter war. But for the time being, there is an armistice.”

Lincoln then spoke about the lasting effects of the original prank, and how the first glitter bomb still haunts him to this day.

“The most upsetting thing is that when it’s extremely hot and I crank up my [air conditioning], still bits of glitter come out and stick to my face. And it’s been months. We’re talking months at this point. Especially if I crank it. I don’t know how much he put in but by God it’s still coming…But it’s not over yet. He may have won the battle…”.

As a note to fans – Lincoln finishes up by asking fans to not add fuel to the fire any further.

“Don’t reignite it. All it’s going to take is this article, so please don’t dwell on it too much.”

It almost sounds to me like Lincoln is actually subtly asking fans to reignite the feud. Reverse psychology, or something like that. I would bet money they even though there is a truce, we see some more glitter battles take place as time goes on.

Do you think the truce will last long? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: The Wrap

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