Warner Bros. Creates New Global Brands & Experiences Division That Includes DC


Warner Bros. has announced the creation of a new Warner Bros Global Brands and Experience division that will encompass DC as well as Warner Bros Consumer Products, Themed Entertainment and a new global franchise team. Pam Lifford, who ran the consumer production arm, has been named president of the new division and the studio outlined her new duties:

“[Lifford is charged with developing] all-new fan-engagement business opportunities as well as working to align the current fan-focused activities of WBCP, Themed Entertainment and DC that lend themselves to next-level development. She’ll also work with all divisions of the studio to ensure that every touchpoint for cross-divisional and cross-company collaboration is maximized. Additionally, she will coordinate with WarnerMedia sister companies HBO and Turner as well as various AT&T divisions when appropriate.”

Warners chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara made the following statement on the new vision and Lifford’s appointment:

“With competition for consumers’ attention more intense than ever, and brand awareness and loyalty more important than ever, this is a great way to help focus on creating opportunities for fans to meaningfully interact with our brands and franchises at a level beyond the screen,” said Warners chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara in a statement. “Pam has deep experience across consumer products and building emotional connections with fans, and in the two years she’s been at Warner Bros., has proven herself and her vision.  I’m excited to have her bring that vision to this new business.”

Warner Bros. says the Global Brands and Experiences division will offer consumers “compelling” opportunities 24/7 wherever they interact with Warner IP, operating under a “never go dark” approach. Furthermore, DC publisher & chief creative publisher Jim Lee and publisher Dan DiDio will report to Lifford, though they will continue to run DC and day-to-day operations will remain relatively unchanged.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Sebastian Peris

Sebastian Peris

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  • Loop Hughes

    Sequel talks happened before Holland was even cast.

  • Larry

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. The Spider-Man license, of all the Marvel licenses, has the shortest period between films in order for Sony to keep the rights. I believe it’s 3 years. The last time Sony broke that time frame, between Spider-Man 3 & Amazing Spider-Man, Sony relinquished the toy rights to the character. So it does make sense that a possible 2020 film is being planned right now. The question is -is Marvel Studios producing it? The Sony/Marvel deal in 2015 didn’t include sequels -only Civil War & the 1st Spider-Man film.

  • Math

    I thought they said they wanted to release a new Spider-man movie every year, one for each grade, like Harry Potter… That would mean there’s no time to waist and they would need to start production on the sequel at the same time as they finish post-production on the current one. Tom Holland will get old fast enough, so you want to exploit his young age while you can.