Warner Bros. Montreal May Have Just Teased A New ‘Batman’ Game

Warner Bros Montreal DC Comics Batman

Warner Bros. Games Montreal may have just teased a new game featuring Batman.

Seeing as yesterday was the 80th annual Batman day, many companies and notable figures have been celebrating the Caped Crusader. Warner Bros. Games Montreal also took the same opportunity to potentially tease a new game starring Batman. Montreal was one of the few cities in the world chosen by DC Comics to have the Bat-Signal projected on a building for Batman day.

Warner Bros. Montreal took this as an opportunity to capture footage of the symbol being projected on a building and splice up the footage with four quick symbols. You can check the footage out below, along with an eagle-eyed viewer’s pictures of the 4 symbols.

Here’s the official footage from Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

Here’s the 4 symbols that flash between the video.

Now, what these symbols mean is completely up in the air. Fans replying to the tweet have thrown out various theories, including that the images are references to the Court of Owls. Some even say they’re tied to the League of Shadows. At this point, speculation is all we have.

It should be noted that on September 24th, Sony/Playstation will be holding State of Play, a live-stream focused on highlighting upcoming Playstation video games. Perhaps Warner Bros. Games Montreal will announce something during the Playstation event?

What do you think Warner Bros. Games Montreal is teasing? Is there a new Batman game on the way? Let us know your theories in the comments section!

Source: Warner Bros. Games Montreal