Warner Bros. Reportedly Planning To ‘Reset’ The DC Extended Universe

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The Hollywood Reporter sources state that Warner Bros. is looking to “reset” the DC Extended Universe and take the franchise in a new direction.

While Wonder Woman debuted to acclaim and reactions to footage from James Wan’s Aquaman were positive, Warner Bros. and DC Films’ projects have largely been met with mixed reviews and disappointing box office numbers. Now, a studio insider reportedly stated that the powers that be behind the DC films are looking to make changes to the current cinematic universe:

“There’s a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn’t work.”

A source for the outlet reportedly says that Warner Bros. is attempting to “reset” the DC film universe by slowly taking it in a different direction.

It would be difficult to imagine Warner Bros. completing restarting the DC Extended Universe considering the popularity of Wonder Woman and the positive interest in Aquaman, though it has long been speculated that the standalone Flash film could provide the means of rebooting portions of the franchise.

Warner Bros. and DC Films are currently developing a number of projects, including The Batman, The Flash standalone film, Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey, Black Adam, Cyborg, Black Adam, Supergirl, New Gods, a Deathstroke film, and a Joker origin movie set outside of the DCEU.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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